grand cherokee

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  1. PDB

    The Black Pearl

    Named after the paint code during the build. Then fate turned me in to a one eyed captain of the ship so, quite appropriate. 2010 Diesel Jeep WK/WH (RHD) S-Ltd (black leather and aluminium SRT interior - only 250 sold in UK). Now 155k miles. Owned since Oct 2015. Purchased with 75K miles on the...
  2. PicNick

    The Ultimate Infotainment System

    Vehicle: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (WK2) Current Setup: Uconnect 5.0 RA2 Stock Head Unit, Phone mounted to the left of screen for on-road navigation, Samsung Tab S5E mounted to the right for Off-road navigation My Jeep radio just pulled a Jeep and stopped working in hot weather! Looking...
  3. 307 Expedition

    2008 WK Elocker

    One of my future projects is a locker. I really like the elocker. The Auburn is not expensive. I just don’t like the bearings used. Having to roll a quarter turn to fully lock seems like a waste. ARB seems like a lot of cost for the locker and air compressor. I bet pricey to install. The pro...
  4. Fsdmoore

    The time has come! WJ build.

    Long time listener, first time poster... Iv never been a fan of posting on forums but Iv always enjoyed the useful information that could be had from reading the forums. So I figured it was my turn to post as I am begging a new journey. Out with the old..... In with the new...
  5. BigTuna117

    Core 4x4 Adjustable Control Arms

    Core 4x4 makes control arms for several different vehicles now, including Dodge and Jeep. I ran these for 3 years, and I thought I'd share my experience. Even though this is a review of the WJ control arms they produce, it should be pretty much applicable to all of there control arm sets. THE...
  6. radventurer

    2016 WK2 Grand Cherokee Build

    Jeep Wahoo: 2016 Grand Cherokee Laredo I stumbled upon Jeep Wahoo by accident. Truck Norris, our gas guzzling 2013 XTerra, was a little rough to drive from the flat lands of North Eastern Ohio to our vacation destinations in the mountains. We'd made several, annual road trips out west in the...
  7. @AstroOverland

    Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ ... The Long Way

    Tentative Itinerary: June 18th - Ganbury, TX to Amarillo, TX June 19th - Amarillo, TX to Somewhere, CO June 20th - Somewhere, CO to Somewhere Else, CO June 21st - Somewhere Else, CO to Moab, UT June 22nd - Moab, UT to Grand Canyon, AZ June 23rd - Grand Canyon, AZ to Sedona, AZ to Phoenix...
  8. Leclerc.27

    WK2 - RRO Lift/Level and Tire Size

    Hey everyone - I have a 2015 WK2 Limited (non-QL) and I have the Rocky Road lift and level kit ready to put in in a couple of weeks. I’ve been scouring the fitment charts on Jeep forums, but no one seems to have my setup with a report in on wheel size. I have 265/60/R18s and would like to go...
  9. PicNick

    Headed to Destin!

    Hey gals and guys, I'm headed to Destin, FL for a long weekend with some friends for some beaching, kayaking, and fishing. I saw that Point Washington is right down the road from where I'm staying, does anyone here have experience in this state park? I see a few trails on the official map, but...
  10. Sev

    2017 WK2 1941 Edition

    This thread exists to help me document and share my modifications to my 2017 WK2 1941 Edition. Do not expect a speedy transition from stock to overland beast as I am limited in my time and resources. Feel free to pm me with any questions. 2017 WK2 1941 Edition, 5.7L, Granite I had her stock...
  11. 2180miles

    Trans-Canada: North America & The Canadian Rockies

    Hey all, My name is Ryan and I last summer my girlfriend and I took a nearly month-long trip across North America to the edges of Alberta/British Columbia and back. I write an adventure blog - - and have chronicled a lot of this trip so far, but am now sitting down and going...
  12. tsteb112

    03 Grand Cherokee Overland Build

    This is my second build thread for this vehicle. The original is on jeepforum but I am going to copy the majority of it on over here. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have. Thanks!
  13. 2180miles

    Halley - WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    Build Thread Index: (I'll update hyperlinks as I post write-ups on here) Overland/Adventure Trip Reports 2017 - QB-5: Adventuring In Ontario's Backcountry 2017 - Trans-Canada Overland Expedition Mechanical: Armor & Recovery Chief Products Hidden Winch System Warn Zeon Platinum 10-S / Factor55...
  14. 2180miles

    Checking in from Boston

    Hey all, Finally signed up with an account... My name is Ryan, and I'm an adventure blogger/photographer based in Boston. My brand is 2180 miles, a company built around the idea of "Endurance Adventuring". In 2007 I bicycled across America, in 2014 thru-hiked the 2,185 mile Appalachian Trail...
  15. OCWanderer

    WK2's Check In!

    Hey, if you have a WK2 Grand Cherokee, I'm sure you've found like I have that there is a serious lack of aftermarket goodies out there. Let's share what's out there, what works and where to get the best price. We've all sunk a decent amount of dough into our trucks, let's help each other upgrade...
  16. anotherJeep

    "Just Another Jeep!" '16 Grand Cherokee Build

    Hey everyone! Here is my new-to-me 2016 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4, and this thread is where I'll try to post all of the mods I plan on doing. Also - I made an instagram account (@ anotherjeep) which is where I will post about my Jeep and the places I go with it. December 1st, 2017 - Testing...
  17. stickel

    2003 WJ Overland build

    Thought it was high time I started my own build thread here to track progress on my 2003 WJ Overland. This is my first: Jeep, overlanding vehicle, and vehicle I'm modifying away from stock. I bought this Jeep off Craigslist and the previous owner had already done a few modifications to it. It...
  18. wk2blackpearl

    2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2)

    Hey everyone, Newbie to overlanding here - looking for ideas on my currently completely stock 2012 WK2 Overland edition with the Quadra Lift and those 20" rims. Been into hiking/backpacking/camping for a good few years now and interested in overlanding - attended MAOF2017 with the SO last...
  19. stickel

    Used 4Runner or Grand Cherokee

    I'm in the process of getting rid of my current vehicle ('03 Subaru Legacy) and picking up a new ride. This will be a daily driver for now and I do a couple long road trips (~2k miles each way) each year to visit family; once in summer, once in winter. Right now I've got a couple alerts on...
  20. William Harris Jenkins

    Jeep WK's

    Lets see how many of us are out there and lets see those RIGS!!!!!