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Bonfire Rendezvous Run 2019 was certainly a trip to remember! We drive about 200 miles total from Hector to Cass and everywhere in between. Waterfalls, water crossings, rock crawls, mud holes, lots of steak, and a time well spent with some of the greatest friends a guy could have. Hope you enjoy this video as much I enjoyed making it!

Currently Planning to go to MOAB for the Memorial Day Weekend. Which trails do you recommend? I'm running with 2014 4RUNNER Trail stock +Rock Sliders (31" tires, 9.5" clearance)
Hey michael i just wanted to tell you im sorry to hear about the rig i have been watching your youtube video updates about it, i am glad you decided to go back origional with it, that is what i plan to do with my trooper when its engine goes as i too have formed a bond with mine over the years since i purchased it from my father. Thank you again for this site and the videos my family and i love them. Thank you