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What is Overlanding?

Overlanding.  It’s a term that’s been used with a variety of context over the decades.  For me, the mere mention of the word conjures images of adventure, exploration, the excitement of the unknown and the thrill of traveling to places I haven’t been before.  Opening a new tab in your browser and searching “define overlanding” will […]

Overlanding as a Way of Life

Et tu Brutus? Adventure Driven M1079 LMTV Build Out

Brutus started life as a contract built Austrian Steyr 12 M 18 military truck. Stewart and Stevenson constructed the LMTV, along with its 16 other platform variations for the U.S. Government as two-and-a-half-ton and five-ton cabover trucks. These vehicles were designed to replace the increasingly old M35A2/A3 “Deuce-and-a-half” and M809 five-ton trucks. Discuss in our […]

Overlanding as a Way of Life