Rig Profile: 1985 Toyota 4×4

Tyler Geertsma knew he would have a workhorse on his hands when a family friend offered to sell him an 1985 Toyota last October. Being on a college student’s budget, it was an opportunity at the right price. Photos courtesy of Tyler. Related posts: Overland Rig Feature: 95 Toyota Landcruiser Overlanding Rig Build – 2010 […]



Overland Trip: Alabama Hills, CA

An adventure from the archives complete with pictures of a *very* young Overland Bound rig! We hope this inspires you to think about YOUR next adventure. Original Date: May 2011 Destination: Alabama Hills – Lone Pine, CA Starting Point: Oakland, CA Total Miles (based on route): 800+ Terrain/Vistas: High Mountains, Desert Difficulty: Easy to Moderate This is […]


What to do if a Blizzard Traps Your Car

For many Overlanders, winter is just another season in a year-round devotion to the outdoors, and many of us enjoy the relative isolation in our favorite spots without the fair weather masses. The unexpected can and will occur, and a few tips can keep you safe.  I’ve been stuck in the snow, rescued by California […]


Cooler vs Fridge: Which is right for you?

Chilling Out! Fridge vs Cooler?! Overlanding has more in common with tailgating than most would think. Once the destination is reached, the task at hand turns to unpacking, setting up, and (more often than not) preparing food. Most overland vehicles are equipped to carry a wide variety of supplies and tools to allow extensive travel […]