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Founding Principles

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The goal of Overland Bound is to make adventure and exploration in the great outdoors as accessible as possible, safely. This means we are not elitist, it doesn’t matter what you drive, all levels of experience are welcome, and we don’t over-think it. This is what you can expect us to stand for, and we ask that you uphold these principles as a member of Overland Bound.

Overlanding is vehicle dependent travel

That’s it

If you go much deeper than this, you start creating classes and arguing about whether you are an “overlander” or not. Guess what? You are.

It doesn’t matter what you drive

We are not a Jeep community, a Toyota community, or a Yugo community. We are a worldwide community of overlanders. Of course your vehicle has to be capable and safe for what you are going to ask it to do. We can help you with that.

Overlanding is for everyone

The point of a community is to include folks of various backgrounds, skill levels, and viewpoints. Smelling like caribou is not a prerequisite to being an overlander.

A connection with nature is paramount

We believe a connection with the great outdoors is a key to living. It gives us perspective, keeps us grounded, and feeds the explorer and wonderer deep in our DNA. Ignore this, and things get messy.

Leave it better than you found it

There are 50% more people on the planet as of 2018 than in 1950. “Keep it secret, keep it safe” is not sustainable (sorry Gandalf). We must care for it. Our natural environment is the key to survival. Preserve it.

Be prepared

Safety First. The trip defines the requirements. Be aware of the requirements of any journey and prepare. We prefer epic tales of adventure without the tragedy, and keep the rubber side down.

Don’t over pack

In moderate climate, you can venture into the outdoors with water and bit of food for days. You will live. Build from there.

Help each other

That’s what community is all about. It takes a village. When traveling the world, or off grid, human kindness is a valuable asset that could mean survival. Take it seriously.

No barriers to information

We don’t own information any more than we own the great outdoors. No one has a patent on what it takes to survive. Share information freely and openly. We make better humans that way.

Humility is essential

It also has the nice side benefit of keeping you out of trouble, and making you less of a A-hole. No one has all the answers and we all started somewhere. Because no one has all the answers and there are many views of truth, we also don’t engage in heated discussions about religion or politics.

Engage in the smallest of interactions

That is actually what counts. It’s the small things that truly matter. A helping hand. A genuine question. A smile.

Have fun

Being grounded creates joy for you and the ones you come in contact with. That’s the whole point.