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    1. Hi there! You have to add your number to your personal profile in order to show up in search results! That will also add your number in your profile card next to your posts. Let me know if you need any more help!

      1. Michael, are your “stickers” stickers or decals? I can’t peel the backing off without ruining the logo. The backing extends to the edge of the sticker they are not on square backing paper where you can grab an edge. I’ve sent 4 email to info@overlandbound.com and contact main menu over the last 22 days with no answer. Any help appreciated. OB# 5340

        1. Hi there! We did get your request and will respond ASAP. This is the first complaint of this kind. I’m not sure why you were not able to remove the backing, but we will send out new ones for free if needed.

  1. I received my badge and am starting to explore the site. It appears I don’t have access to the member map. I don’t know what access I have, or don’t have at this time. What am I doing wrong. Thx. #6727.