Home News Overland Expo West 2018 Day One – Favorite Vehicles
Overland Expo West 2018 Day One – Favorite Vehicles

Overland Expo West 2018 Day One – Favorite Vehicles


In the Name of Unapologetic Excess
by Will Marshal
photos by Barry J. Holmes

May 18th 2018 – Overland Prom Expo. We all know that the biggest reason to come to OX is to see all the things that we wish that we could do, and at the absolute very least, be inspired as to what we can do or become. The first day of OXW18 did not disappoint these expectations.

Our favorite vehicles that we saw today (in no specific order) are:

Seth and Kande (@adv_driven) LMTV Truck

Seth and Kande Jacobson started a project many dream of, and had the fortitude to see it to completion. They picked up a very clean former U.S. Military LMTV box truck with their sights set on turning it into the ultimate off-road RV. Instead of starting with a freshly rebuilt truck, they started tackling it piece by piece to get it mechanically fit and sound. Through hurdles of ups and downs, they are confident that this truck is going to be the perfect fit for them, and ultimately replace their bus camper.


The FJ Company 40 and 43 series builds were what can only be described as otherworldly. FJ Company does nut and bolt restorations, and even some tasteful modifications in their Bogota Columbia facility. From basic restorations to full blown legendary builds, these trucks are rebuilt better than they shipped from the factory originally, and are meant to live another day of adventure and hard work. While these restorations might be thought of as a investment, and to never see the deep side of a mud puddle – we insist that they are meant to be abused today just as they were before.

AEV’s Outpost II

Dave Harriton, AEV’s president and CEO, likes to take on special projects. Every single production item that AEV has launched to date started in some form or fashion as a passion project. This one is no different. While campers are notoriously hard to build because they are tailored to their owner, Dave plotted out a camper that he felt would encompass the needs of vagabonds around the world looking for a compact vehicle that was fully livable.

New Legend 4×4’s Restomod Scout

New Legend 4×4 and their sister company Anything Scout, has a fantastic history of building some of the finest International Scouts on the planet. New Legend spawned from the desire of wanting to be more than strictly International Scouts; they used their expertise in restoration and built the best damn thing they could, and translated it into restoring any vehicle they can get their hands on, in the best damn way possible. This damn truck is so damn good. Damn.

More gratuitous overland vehicles and gear tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Will Marshal Will is a fish out of water, coming from the Hardcore off-road and rock crawling world. He developed a knack for writing and a hunger for adventure. Having written for Expedition Portal, Tread Magazine and Overland Bound, Will is our resident Wanderlust expert. He is also the owner/creator of Forge Overland and has an expert eye on all things outdoors.