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Paradise: After the Fire


We had the pleasure of visiting Chico and Paradise, CA to meet up with Overland Bound members and collect donations for the Oroville Hope Center to help those devastated by the Camp Fire. Thanks to the help of Tim of Ordinary Overland (@ordinaryoverland), Alynn (@the_pandra), and the team at Mountain Hatch (@mountain_hatch), we met up with many locals to kick tires and talk shop. 

The day ended with a quick off-road campout where food and beverages were shared aplenty. We were honored to spend time with such a strong and resilient group. Thank you for sharing your stories! 

The Oroville Hope Center is still collecting gift cards and new kitchen supplies/equipment to help those who are rebuilding their lives. If you feel moved to do so, please consider reaching out to see how you can help. Thank you!

Corrie, Michael & the Overland Bound Team

Corrie Co-Founder, Marketing and Editor @ Overland Bound. Often found behind the camera, keyboard or steering wheel. (But not all at once.)


  1. This is the type of stuff that makes me even MORE proud to be a part of Overland Bound, and to be able and provide support to Michael and Corrie’s efforts at everything they do for the entire overlanding community, and beyond! Way to go Michael, Corrie, and everyone else who was involved!

  2. You guys are getting it right. Disaster outreach, education of the new generation of overlanders along with trail clean up campaigns, albeit altruistic, will speak volumes toward keeping our public lands open and accessible. Be good, do good, peace out,, MOAK

  3. I pass by Redding on I-5 at least once a year. You watch it on the news, it’s one thing. Driving through the scorched earth is breathtaking and terrifying in it’s own right. Paradise had it much worse. Even though I haven’t had much of an opportunity to do much with other OB members, I am proud to call myself part of a group that would do this. As OldFoolAdventures said.
    Very well done.

  4. Wish I knew about this…I should’ve joined the group at an earlier date. I was a responding medic to the fire and aftermath in Paradise for weeks. Those people still need all the help offered.