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How to Gift an Overland Bound Membership

How to Gift an Overland Bound Membership


We’ve had many questions asking if it is possible to gift an Overland Bound Membership. The answer is YES!

An Overland Bound gift is a great option for those with adventure in their DNA. Well, I guess that’s all of us! Because a membership also includes access to many online features, there are a couple steps to insure their account gets set up correctly, and we don’t spoil the surprise! We will send their Membership Package to you, and you provide the info for activating their account with the gift.

There are three simple steps.

Select Member Product

Choose the product you would like to gift. There are three types of member products. Once you select a product, choose any options normally.  If its an Ultimate Membership Pack, select the T-Shirt size of the recipient.

These are our three membership packages. There is no difference in member status, only what the package comes with.


Proceed to Checkout & Choose Gift Option


Proceed to checkout normally. On the first checkout screen, you will see “Add Gift Options” under your items. Select that option to open the gift options screen.

The options screen looks like the image below, and has a couple options. You may choose a gift card. The gift card will be sent to the shipping address with the message you enter. It comes in a really cool black burlap pouch.

The most important information is the “Recipient Details (Full Name, Verified Email)”. This is the only way we can have the membership correctly linked to their account. Please fill this in accurately.

Provide any special instructions in the notes field.

The gift screen looks like this:

Checkout and Complete Order

Complete the order normally. We will process the order as a gift and record the information in our records to insure the Membership is associated with their name and email account. You will receive the member number and account activation email for their membership.  Save this email! You should print it out for them, or forward it after you have given the gift. This is how they will upgrade their account.

If you have any question about this process, please contact info@overlandbound so we can be of assistance!

Outfit and Explore!