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    New PNW Member

    Hey everyone! Just joined and looking fwd to meeting new folks in the community! Recently moved to Vancouver, WA from Hawaii and just purchased a new 4Runner that I’m going to be setting up for hitting the great outdoors! I also have my OG ‘02 F250 that I used in Las Vegas and Colorado that...
  2. SkinnySurfer_Thad


    Neebie to the forums, I'm a proud Jeep owner for a few years now but never had it off road yet as I live in the city, thats about to change as I'm planing a overland trip this summer. I'm planing on driving the southwest through New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and maby Cali if money work...
  3. justintheegreat

    HAM for newbies

    planning on attending the HAM CRAM coming up. and ive been watching video and even downloaded an app to help me study and learn. what would you guys say a good starting point or good radio would be to start with. i dont mind if its hand held or installed in my truck.
  4. Reid Adventures

    Which Mobile HAM for APRS

    Hello All. My wife and I are planning our first trip in January to Death Valley and Yosemite. We are going it alone so we will remain mild mannered and not TOO far off of beaten paths. I am a licensed HAM but haven't done anything with my license as of yet. I am looking to purchase and install...
  5. Schake

    Expo East Next Month

    Newbie to OB and Overlanding in general. Planning to attend first my first Overland Expo next month to explore equipment options for my stock Rubi Recon, learn as much as I can, and meet as many like-minded folks as possible. Since it's too late to register for camping onsite, any suggestions...
  6. Ausberto Gonzalez

    Hello from Central Florida

    Just wanted to say Hello and looking forward to meeting new Overlanders.
  7. TheSleepyLlama

    New Member From Sacramento Area

    First post after joining the group. so much to read and absorb on the forums. So a little about myself: Location: Elk Grove, CA Current Vehicle: 2018 Tacoma TRD Pro Overland Experience: Novice to Intermediate Why Overlanding?: My wife and I love the outdoors and exploring new areas. We have...
  8. NostromoSurvivor

    New from Brooklyn

    Hello everyone! Rig: Ripley, my 2013 Jeep JK 2 door I’m a student and backpacking enthusiast, soon moving to Bend, OR to complete a BS in biology. Last year, I discovered the vlogger IAmJake and was deeply impressed by his unconventional CJ build. When I discovered the high cost of renting a...
  9. W

    Need help on finding a overlanding spot in CA

    Hi, all. I am planning a road trip for the memorial weekend. I am new to the overlanding world, but I think I have all the gears that I need. I just a little lost when it comes to finding a overlanding spot for the night. How does you guy find a camping spot in the national park / national...
  10. Hank Outdoors

    On A Budget: First Aid Kit

    After watching Jillian Rebekah's Tacoma walk-around I want a hard shell first aid kit like the one she has mounted to her truck cage. I started looking at threads and searching Amazon for first aid kits and hard shell cases. I found Pelican cases to be the ones that seemed sturdy enough to hold...
  11. Mgway1

    Hello from Southern Maryland

    Hi, Just joined today from Southern Maryland. I am original from California, but moved here for work after I got out of the Navy. I am new to the whole Overlanding thing, but I am hooked. I haven't had a chance to go anywhere yet, because my poor car has been broken more than it has been...
  12. Rubyredfozzy

    where was your first time overlanding?

    I have lived out of a vehicle many times in my life being in the military, but out of my personal rig was something new to me. a few years ago I had bid on a trip in western South Carolina called "man up weekend". it was an awesome time and it exposed me to what would become my first...
  13. C

    4x6 enclosed trailer

    I've been looking at building or buying an overland trailer. I've been really interested in the jackwagon, CVT, schutts And others. My problem is being 6'3 the very low tables that some do come with would be hard to utilize due to my height. I've been considering getting a 4x6 enclosed trailer...
  14. archee29

    How Do 4X4s Work? - 4XOverland

    As a newbie overlander and 4wheeler, I found this website to be very useful. Just thought I'd share for anyone who wanted a good read. It has a 4 main sections (w/ many subsections): 4x4 Operations 4x4 Driving 4x4 Recovery Accessories
  15. Remington_PRO4X


    Hey Wisconsinites! I am down here is Southern WI and am having a hard time finding a (legal) place to get off road. I grew up in northwestern WI where there are all kinds of places. Does anyone have any tips?
  16. A

    New Member From Seattle!

    Hello everyone! I'm Abe, from Seattle WA USA. Pretty new to overlanding, got into it because I love the outdoors/camping/backpacking and some other friends are big into overlanding. I'm excited to meet new people and discover some new trails! I currently have a pretty bone stock 2001 4runner...
  17. Roxxie

    Looking for Helpful Information

    I am a newbie, meaning I have not worked on my trucks (GMC 1976 4x4 and Toyota 4x4) except to change my own oil, fluids and clean my battery cables. Then I owned a van for over 10 years....I couldnt even squeeze my hand into the hood. Now I own a Jeep and want to learn LITERALLY EVERYTHING I...

    Deaf First Responder in Southern Colorado

    Hi my name is Brenda, And I'm new here. We live and work in Southern Colorado bot my Husband and I are Army Veteran's we have 5 kiddos all over 14 now and we are all starting to enjoy our adventures when we get to take a day or even a few hours to explore. We are both First Responders. I do...
  19. John Worley

    Starting from square one

    Hello all, I'm sure this has been covered a million times but I haven't found the answer yet. I would like to build an overland rig from the ground up but I need some advice on where to start. I've done a ton of research but I feel like I could do all the reading in the world but it'll never be...
  20. SlicedVeggie

    Konnichi wa from Utah!

    What up! Im a recent lurker turned member. I've recently been getting into the overlanding scene and figured I better register so I actually get to know some of the smartest people out there and talk first hand rather than agreeing or disagreeing with my monitor... Currently rocking a...