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  1. Brian Wells

    US West Exploring Baja California

    I am an explorer and Overlander from Los Angeles. I recently moved out of my place, sold most of my belongings and am selling my business to start a new life outside of the United States. Over the next few months I am living life on the road and in nature in an effort to live life to the fullest...
  2. Johohoward27

    Looking for some Advice :)

    Hey I’m Joseph, I’m looking for my first overland vehicle that could support my journey across the west coast, I will be hauling gear like surf boards, spearGuns, fishing poles, Water, Refrigerator, cooking equipment, SUP. I could be in the road for a year or more. I have a pretty flexible...
  3. Johohoward27

    Getting ready for my first Adventure!!

    Hey I’m Joseph, I’m looking for vehicle that could support my journey across the west coast, I will be hauling gear like surf boards, spearGuns, fishing poles, Water, Refrigerator, cooking equipment, SUP. I could be in the road for a year or more. I have a pretty flexible budget but not...
  4. ChepoCDT

    Overlander México

    A lo mejor muchos no nos conocen, pero somos un grupo de amigos @Abrahan Perez y @IRR4x4TRD que nos gusta el estilo Overlander, después de haber conocido a Erick y familia @Jeepsies decidimos empezar con este proyecto! De momento nos encontramos en el centro del país, pero con gusto podemos...
  5. Hourless Life

    Just completed 44 days in the Interior of Mexico if anyone has questions

    Hola! If you want a gringo's perspective on what it was like to travel into the interior of Mexico for an extended period and do some overlanding let me know. We just returned from a 44 day trip and are happy to answer any questions for those considering. Eric AKA Jeepsies
  6. Hourless Life

    Overlanding Deep in the Heart of Mexico

    We're doing it! When your Rally Point is this far south you know it is going to be an epic journey. Follow along on our Instagram or Facebook. We'll be posting tons of pictures of our International Overlanding Run through the interior of Mexico. Also full length articles about our entire...
  7. ChepoCDT

    Jeepsies in México! - 01/18/2019

    Let's celebrate the "First International" OB members meeting in México. We are meeting Jeepsies in Bernal and have an expedition through the weekend. Great places to visit and do some activities. We are meeting in Bernal, a really nice town in Queretaro, later we are going to camp in San...
  8. Hourless Life

    Tips for those interested in overlanding in Mexico

    Hola from 450 miles south of the U.S. Border in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Wanted to be a resource for anyone considering overlanding down here. I'll try and remember to get back here and add some more photos later. For what it is worth, it is me, my wife, and our 2 year old son. If you want...
  9. Hourless Life

    Crossing the Border to Mexico Later This Week

    For those that don't know us, we overland fulltime...with a toddler. We're taking our first international trip later this week and heading into the interior of Mexico. Our Jeep "GUARDIAN" is finally packed. Jan 5: We'll be crossing the border in Laredo, Texas and heading down to an area...
  10. Hourless Life

    Mexico Trip January - March 2019

    Hey all, we're planning an overlanding trip into the interior of Mexico from early January to mid-March 2019. We're planning to cross the border in Texas and head towards the city of San Luis Potosi, then on into the city of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico. Any tips for camping spots, or travel in...
  11. Hourless Life

    Crossing the Border Into Mexico (ISO Tips and Advice)

    In January 2019 we plan on heading into the interior of Mexico. Crossing the border from Texas and heading all the way down to Puebla, Puebla, MX which is about 2 hours SW of Mexico City. Traveling will be myself, my wife, and our 2 year old son. This will be our first International...
  12. SurfinTurfin

    Baja Trip: Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas

    Hi All, I'm a new member on Overland Bound but have been a longtime subscriber of the channel on YouTube. I've recently purchased a new Toyota Tacoma and am heading off on a surf/fishing/overland trip from Los Angeles to Baja. I'm gonna stick pretty close to the route which Michael did on his...
  13. Traveling Together

    Mexico Belize Border Crossing Information

    Hi all. I just released a video about my wife and I's experience crossing the Mexico Belize border with our truck and our dog. Most of our videos are more story telling, but since many travelers are concerned with border crossings I tried to make this one a bit more informative while still...
  14. Traveling Together

    Long Term Overlanding Interviews

    Hi all. My wife and I filmed a series of interviews with overlanders we met while traveling through Mexico and Central America and we just started releasing them on youtube. Our goal with this project is to answer some of the questions we received about how and why we went long term overlanding...
  15. Jroettele

    Baja Christmas escape.

    Over Christmas My fiancé and I decided to escape to Baja for a little adventure and hopefully a warmer climate. Not that souther California climate is bad. So we packed up the jeep. Grabbed some extra jerry cans for gas and water and headed out the day after Christmas. We headed down to...
  16. Jroettele

    December 26th-30th Baja Mexico. Camping / Overlanding to Bahia de Los Angeles - 12/26/2017

    We will be following the 5 south from Mexicali thru San Felipe to Bahia de Los Angeles. We plan to stop the night at San Felipe (26th). Head in to Bahia the next day. We are planning on staying approximately 3 nights in Bahia. From there we are going to head north along the 1. There will be a...
  17. Jroettele

    Baja Mexico Dec 26th-30th 2017

    Hey OB amigos My name is Jeff. My Fiancé (Elaine) and I are planning a trip to Baja. We have some time off over Christmas break December 26th-30th. We are looking for the following. Advice; where to camp, routes, sites etc. People to join our trip. We are a young couple that love to film...
  18. Daniel Bonifaz

    2002 V6 Mercury Mountaineer AWD

    You think that a 2002 V6 Mercury Mountaineer AWD will do a good job overlanding? It's really in great shape Please don't judge me so hard :persevere: Greetings from México.
  19. PhrankinPhoenix

    EXCITED to be HERE. THANKS for allowing me to join in!

    Hi to all! New member here from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I have extensive overland & travel experience in & around the western states, mid-west, Canada, Mexico, Central America, New Zealand and Europe. Thank You for letting me join in on exploring the great content and extensive forum here...
  20. Brazuca

    Exploring Baja California

    Hola amigos! Following DezertRat's suggestion at Recent trip info for Baja I've decided to start this thread where we will try to share with you guys some information we will be gathering about Baja California during the next days on road conditions, possible places to visit, etc. We've...