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Hi all. My wife and I filmed a series of interviews with overlanders we met while traveling through Mexico and Central America and we just started releasing them on youtube. Our goal with this project is to answer some of the questions we received about how and why we went long term overlanding, but we didn't want to make it all about us. There are many people out there from all walks of life that have chosen to make full time overlanding part of their lives and we wanted to show that anyone can do it if they want it bad enough. They each have a different way of doing things and we can all learn something from each of them. Most of them were in rout headed either north or south on the Pan American Highway, traveling through North, Central, and South America.

We touch on vehicle selection and modification, but our main focus is on how to plan, finance, budget, and execute long term or full time overland travel and some of the experiences they have had along the way.

I hope it is helpful and incurring. Please let me know if there are questions we didn't cover that you would like to know more about.
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