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  1. M

    Steve, the great white Jeep!

    Hello everyone! I'm new on here and this is the story of my Cherokee Build.. Background: My name is Matt and I am currently living in Middle Georgia. I originally hail from the Northeast but due to the military I find myself down in the south now. In early 2018 I decided I wanted to build...
  2. Harriss Vann

    Overland GPS on a budget

    I'm looking at a GPS system for an overland trip next summer. I've got around $200 to spend on this. Any of y'all have any suggestions? (I'll have the GAIA app but I need a GPS unit other than my phone.)
  3. Traveling Together

    Long Term Overlanding Interviews

    Hi all. My wife and I filmed a series of interviews with overlanders we met while traveling through Mexico and Central America and we just started releasing them on youtube. Our goal with this project is to answer some of the questions we received about how and why we went long term overlanding...
  4. Hank Outdoors

    On A Budget: First Aid Kit

    After watching Jillian Rebekah's Tacoma walk-around I want a hard shell first aid kit like the one she has mounted to her truck cage. I started looking at threads and searching Amazon for first aid kits and hard shell cases. I found Pelican cases to be the ones that seemed sturdy enough to hold...
  5. Dean

    My "Poor Man's Teardrop" off-road camping trailer (M101 based)

    Background: Why a trailer? A few things contributed to my desire to have an enclosed off-road camping trailer. First, I was sick and tired of dealing with a tent. I found out the hard way I'm not as young as I once was (ow, my back), I waste a lot of time setting and packing up my tent...
  6. Neight

    Looking for ideas or comments on mine regarding a trailer build

    I'm looking at getting a utility bed (small truck 68"x 90") that has already been made into a trailer, hopefully this weekend if it goes well. But I wanted to run some ideas through the OB community and get some feedback. I've spelled out some of them on the image below. One of my concerns...