central america

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  1. Traveling Together

    Central America Border Crossing Video Guides

    As part of our travel series we cover our experiences in crossing borders. Here are the Central America border crossings that we have edited so far. They are included as part of the travel, so there may be some other travel content that you may choose to skip, but hopefully our style of sharing...
  2. Traveling Together

    Mexico Belize Border Crossing Information

    Hi all. I just released a video about my wife and I's experience crossing the Mexico Belize border with our truck and our dog. Most of our videos are more story telling, but since many travelers are concerned with border crossings I tried to make this one a bit more informative while still...
  3. Traveling Together

    Long Term Overlanding Interviews

    Hi all. My wife and I filmed a series of interviews with overlanders we met while traveling through Mexico and Central America and we just started releasing them on youtube. Our goal with this project is to answer some of the questions we received about how and why we went long term overlanding...
  4. PhrankinPhoenix

    EXCITED to be HERE. THANKS for allowing me to join in!

    Hi to all! New member here from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I have extensive overland & travel experience in & around the western states, mid-west, Canada, Mexico, Central America, New Zealand and Europe. Thank You for letting me join in on exploring the great content and extensive forum here...
  5. OverlandTheWorld

    OverlandTheWorld's Arizona to Alaska to Argentina - 80,000+ Miles, 2012-2016

    Hey OB members, We are new to this forum and have not fully joined (no emblem), but like the site and excited to meet some new peeps. If there is some interest (and I can unlock the photo upload issues of not being a full member), we can share our route and photos. In all we spent about 2 years...