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  1. A


    I want to upgrade wheels and tires on my newly acquired stock vehicle (TLC 2014 200 series). Current set up is stock wheels and tires (285/60R18 120H) If I upgrade from 18" to 20" will there be rubbing issues? Should I go all in and upgrade suspension, wheels and tires and the bumpers. I had...
  2. Ddaks_

    Starting my overland 100 series land cruiser build

    So after my rig's head cracked and caused some coolant and oil mixture, I fixed it and now it's been running great. A few months after fixing the engine here is a list of upgrades I recently did to the land cruiser. Suspension: King Shocks SPC upper control arms OME 2864 HD rear springs Slee...
  3. paramatt

    back in a 4X4 joining team Toyota

    Hi all just wanted to share that I finally managed to pick up a LandCruiser 120. I have been away after my discover 3 broke my heart with breakdown after breakdown. have been looking for a Landcruiser 120 for ages been to look at a few and all were overpriced with lots of problems. but today...
  4. LongboardSteve

    FOR SALE For Sale - Orange County, CA - 2013 Land Cruiser - 74k mile - $54,000 obo

    With only 74k miles this Land Cruiser is just getting broken in. Topped off with a FrontRunner roof rack, a BunduTop electric rooftop tent, 170W solar panel, and a BunduAwn Awning. This Land Cruiser is ready to roll for all your camping or long term road trip needs. Gear is brand new. Only...
  5. atIOIYIOI

    Am I crazy? - building a press brake!

    Yep, you read that right! After working through the body restoration of my LandCruiser BJ70 I learned a lot about shaping metal. One of the tools that I really couldn’t have done it without was a little 14” die that I made for a small manual hydraulic press - that allowed me to make nice...
  6. Owyhee

    Christmas Tree Expedition 2018

    Today we took the opportunity to get out and explore a little, the plan was to go up the Middle Fork of the Boise until we spotted the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. To do this in an expedient manner we went up a very dangerous road, (A road where a friend went off and lost his son)...
  7. J


  8. Kory Joseph


    Hello all! I am a new member out of Aviano, IT! I have been to Korea, and Japan as well (which is where my vehicle is from). I am currently driving a 1993 Toyota HZJ77 LandCruiser. I am very excited to start my build, which will start out with new leaf springs and shocks custom bent from...
  9. Paulo Filho

    Wanted FJ80 Land Cruiser or 4runner 5th Gen

    Hi Overlanders, Thank you for allowing me to join you in this journey of exploring. I am in need of an overlanding rig as I currently overland on my 2012 Prius :/ It has not failed me but I am always scared my axle will break or my tires will pop. If you know how to purchase an FJ80 or...
  10. S

    Hi, San Jose, California

    Hi! Just sign up after getting my first rig! Took it to the woods and sand over the weekend to end its 23 years of mall cruiser history and initiated its new life. Earned a few paint scars along the way but it is okay! Hope to join this group and learn from more experienced folks in my area...
  11. rooftentoverland

    Drawer System Build / Plans (PDF)

    Hi everybody, as I have a workshop and like to build things as well as fit them properly, I decided to build my own drawer system. That way they are also a bit cheaper, and we got a system exactly the way we wanted it. We were looking at different slide out versions, and decided that a drop...
  12. Chris460

    SOLD GX 460 / Prado 150 Family Overlanding Vehicle - $16999

    It is with a very heavy heart that I have to part with my rig. :disrelieved: My job is temporarily relocating us overseas. I would be very grateful if a fellow overloading family would take over. Summary: Lexus GX 460 / Landcruiser Prado 150 125K miles. Asking $16,999 OBO ARB Off-road bumper &...
  13. Tim N Michele Davis

    How to paint your rims easily

    The rims on my Landcruiser are showing their age, I thought about buying new rims but just didn't want to spend the money. I used VHT Wheel Black Satin Wheel Paint. + So here are easy to follow instructions. 1. wash rims with soap and water 2. let dry 3.jack vehicle up and put on a jack...
  14. rooftentoverland

    Prado (J15) + Roof Rack + HardShell RTT + Shadow Awn?

    Hi everybody! >>Short version: How do I mount a HardTop RTT and a 270° Awning to the same rack on a Prado? << Long version: We are looking into getting a roofack for our rig, as I want to mount a few bits and extras (lights, shadow awn, jerry cans, shovel, table) to the car. We have a 2016...
  15. J100Roaming

    Looking for anyone with Android Radio info

    My Land Cruiser 100 has one of those nice Nav's with the HVAC controls built in and accessed through both buttons and touch screen. Honestly I would love to put something with better functionality and options. I like the fact that Android would allow use of Maps and other stuff. Specifically I...
  16. atIOIYIOI

    Our East Coast Adventure

    Hey Everyone! Well it's sure been a while since my last video posted here (Threshold Braking) but I have finally managed to get the editing done from our summer trip out east! We packed everything (and everyone) into our 1985 BJ70 and hit the road! No where near as exciting as X-overland of...
  17. A

    Fj40 Coilover conversion

    Hello everyone (I’m not sure if im posting this in the right forum section, so feel free to let me know if I should take this somewhere else) I am building a 71 Toyota Land Cruiser, and I’ve seen many pictures of these rigs with coilovers, yet I cannot seem to find any kits online. I was...
  18. Rugged Life

    Hi from New Zealand

    Hi everyone, Just a quick into, I'm Brian and I'm from Auckland, New Zealand. Have been doing off-roading for a few years now and really enjoy overlanding, the social aspect is amazing and the family loves to get involved. I've got a 1987 60 series landcruiser for the rough stuff, a 2012 FJ...
  19. 402Disco2

    Montezuma, Imogene, and Moab

    Hey guys, Just got back a week ago from a 7 day excursion. The Landshark Overland group met up with some locals for a Saturday St johns and deer creek trail ride. Was an absolute blast. Here is a quick video compilation we put together. Enjoy!
  20. Ian Norris

    Axel Seal issue

    Hi everyone, New to the OB community with a recently purchased 1990 FJ62. I have a front axel seal thats leaking oil/lubricant and my local Toyota repair guy has no idea how to obtain the parts for a repair or how to repair it. Can anyone here in the thread help me with this? I am looking...