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  1. DefCon2

    GPS on Samsung TAB question

    I should probably post this question on some tech forum, but I'm hoping that someone here may have an answer. I am preparing to purchase a Galaxy Tab A 8 to mount in my Jeep in order to run GAIA. There is a considerable difference in price if I buy a Wi-Fi only Tab A versus an LTE Tab A. The...
  2. fledwell

    FOR SALE SOLD - Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Offroad GPS

    For sale is a used Magellan eXplorist TRX7 Off-Road GPS Navigator with all hardware including RAM Mount system. This unit has served for several years now and is preloaded with 10s of thousands of trails throughout the U.S. You can read about the unit here...
  3. Hobie01

    Update your old (or new) Garmin GPS devices for free!

    Hey OB, Apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere. As i realize the limitations of my iphone gps (i love gaia but its offline maps are HUGE) i became interested in a dedicated gps unit. i see all these overland specific and trail ready devices like the Garmin overlander and the Magellan...
  4. Connor_Dobbins

    Best Budget/Used Nav System for Beginner

    I am fairly new to the whole Overlanding scene and was just using my phone's navigation with Google Maps a couple of weekends ago not expecting to lose connection as I was just in a slightly rural area of southern Wisconsin and I usually get good reception around there. But I lost connection and...
  5. Rockwilder

    Navigation - Pro's and Con's of the different systems/Apps

    Hi everybody, In almost every tread here, people talk about navigation and especially wich navigation app they use. Currently I'am searching for the best way to organise my navigation, on- and off-road. I thought it would be a good idea to open a special tread just for that topic. It would be...
  6. OkieMizzou

    GPS Coordinate Format - What say you?

    What's your flavor? Degrees, minutes, and seconds (DMS): Example = 41°24'12.2"N 2°10'26.5"E Degrees and decimal minutes (DMM): Example = 41 24.2028, 2 10.4418 Decimal degrees (DD): Example = 41.40338, 2.17403 Seems like most folks in the overland community use the Decimal Degrees system and...
  7. CaptAdv

    Trip Planning and Locked Gates

    I live in Seattle and it seems like I'm always planning to go somewhere, drive there turn off the road and hit a locked gate. I figured this happens all over the US as well, so I thought I'd make something to help us locate locked gates so I made an app. I have information about locked gates...
  8. D

    Share your gpx files! Gaia or other...

    Hello all, Thought it would be nice to have a place to share GPX files from Gaia or other means. Places you camped, trails you took, picnic spots, view spots, etc. Please post in following format: *required field *Trail: *Date Traveled: *Location: *Trail Travel Time: *Length: *Difficulty...
  9. D

    How to Post Public Gaia Routes?

    Hello, Is there a good way to post/share Gaia routes to forums or websites such as on Overland Bound facebook page or rally points? Thanks
  10. Harriss Vann

    Overland GPS on a budget

    I'm looking at a GPS system for an overland trip next summer. I've got around $200 to spend on this. Any of y'all have any suggestions? (I'll have the GAIA app but I need a GPS unit other than my phone.)
  11. ovrlndr

    OB Approved Personal Satellite Communicators

    Everyone participating in outdoor recreation of any kind in remote areas, especially those where cell reception is spotty or non-existent, contact with other people is infrequent, and the elements and/or terrain can lead to accidents, injury, or death should consider some type of personal...
  12. ovrlndr

    How many of you have purchased SAR cards where you wheel? Carry a personal GPS?

    Have you purchased a SAR card? I have one for Colorado... $12 for 5 years, no brainer. Do you carry a personal GPS device (SPOT, inReach, etc.)? Do you have GEOS or a GEOS-type SAR membership?
  13. J

    What maps and GPS for the Trans America Trail?

    Hey all, new member here on the forum and I'm looking to see who's done the TAT in their rig. I'm wondering what GPS gear you guys would recommend and where to get/download the maps. I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini w/ Cellular and GPS. I would obviously download the maps for offline mode...
  14. Trail_Blazer

    Trip Planning and Navigation using ONX Maps

    I searched for Onx Maps on the site, but didn't find any reference to it. One of the big challenges is planning off-road or back road trips in the open spaces. A lot of these areas are owned by ranchers and farmers that don't want you on their property. And you can't really blame them when...
  15. Kurt Van Volkinburg

    Offline Topo Map Application for Windows Laptop

    Hi all, new here. I've been trying to find a windows application that allows caching of topo maps (think USFS maps with trails marked) and having a pretty difficult time find anything in line with what I'm looking for. Basically I want to do on my laptop what I can do with a backcountry...
  16. Alex Becker

    Ohio Overland Route

    I have been doing some research about a couple of overlanding trips that people have planned and mapped out such as the Kentucky Adventure Tour and Tennessee Dirt Devil. Is there anything like this for Ohio? I’d just like to have some fun exploring gravel backroads and unmaintained county...
  17. DaveFromAustria

    Offroad Navigation in Europe

    Hi guys and gals! I live in Austria/Europe and am looking for a good offroad navigation setting for a Jeep Wrangler JK. I like the look of the GARMIN GPSMAP 276Cx. But then I also saw some guys useing an Ipad mini with some app or another as main navigation tool. What are your thought...
  18. Joe Hunt

    GPS Kevin

    We are doing the TAT soon, has anyone used the GPS maps from GPS Kevin? If so did they work well, we're they accurate? Please let me know.
  19. TRT87

    Where do you get your maps?

    Where do you get your maps? So, I am a map nerd. I’ve always loved them. As outdoor enthusiasts and overlanders maps are vital to our exploration. There are many places to find maps and I have researched a number of free map sources, many that are capable of being used with GIS programs...
  20. TRT87

    What Map Program AKA Geospatial Information System (GIS) do you use for overland planning?

    So there are many Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) on the market for the outdoor enthusiast. They all have varying degrees of usability, ease of use, and features. I was curious which ones were most popular among Overlanders. Personally, I love Google Earth. I’ve used it for years in the...