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  1. Baipin

    Wanted Wanted: 8x6.5 to 10 lug wheel adapters

    Looking for a couple of wheel adapters to convert 8-lug 8x6.5" (8x165.1) Chevy/GM wheels to 10-lug "big truck" pattern; 10x285. I am located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, though shipping to Port Huron, Michigan, is also an option. Thanks for looking!
  2. bawesomfels

    1993 Suzuki Sidekick JLX

    Two weeks ago I picked up this sweet little Zuki from my neighbor down the street. I'd had my eye on it for a while so once I saw the opportunity I jumped. Big plans for this little 1.6L monster. So far it needs a little work, as to be expected for a 27 yo 194k mile vehicle. Both outer CV...
  3. Wile_Coyote

    Rostra Front Camera for 2017 Silverado

    For those folks running a Chevy / Sierra setup, I did a little write up on how I installed a Front facing camera on my 2017 Silverado. Anybody that's been off in the sticks knows a front facing camera is golden to see where you are going and avoid those titanic sharp rocks... Rostra...
  4. Bowtied13

    Silverado 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton??

    Alright everyone I'm looking to get my overland rig and have my sights set on a 2003-2006 Chevy Silverado (my favorite body style), crew cab to fit the family. Full-size truck is just the way to go for me. However my dilemma is I can't really decide if I should get a 1/2 or a 3/4 ton pickup...
  5. RedBeard

    Cancelled Reoccurring - Monthly Bay Area Rigs and Coffee - 02/09/2019

    Hacienda Crossings - Near Lazy Dog, Market Tavern & Regal Cinemas View Rally Point Details
  6. Asuarez_673

    Suburban turned to Zombie Response Vehicle

    Hello everyone, my name is Alex and I have a 2006 Chevy Suburban Z71 that I bought back in 2014 and planned on making it one of the most unique off road capable rigs to ever exist. So I originally started posting about this build in Z71tahoe-suburban forum but as that forum has slowly died ill...
  7. blitz

    1997 Silverado build

    Here is my 1997 Silverado K1500 that I'm building. It is used for a winter daily, overlander, tows my boat and car hauler. I bought it 4 years ago with ~220k for $1500.
  8. Diabolikal1

    97 GMC Jimmy SLE build

    Bought this beauty for $100 from my sister in law. Knowing it needed a ton of work, front bumper pushed in from helping people out of ditches. Transmission needs three solenoids replaced (A, B, TCC) new fuel pump/sending unit dropped in and cosmetic things on the interior. This is just the...
  9. Francis Hwang

    Silverado 1500 + 27' Airstream | Overland Build

    HELLO! My wife and I have recently made the commitment to full time overland-living. We have sold the 4Runner and bought a 2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71. We have also purchased a 2019 Airstream Flying Cloud 27FBQ. I will use this forum to document the build process (if only for...
  10. 805RADO

    Wheel Spacer Help, clearing knuckle

    So the next thing im doing to my 2017 silverado is to lift it off the stock hight. Going up to 3.5" The kit Im getting requires a new knuckle. Which in turn requires a small spacer to help my stock rims clear that knuckle. 1/4"-3/8" is all I need. My question is does anyone have a...
  11. B^2

    First Modifications/Add ons for general Overlanding?

    I'm wondering what modifications people usually do/recommend before getting into some light overlanding. I've got a 2017 Colorado crew cab z71(midnight edition with Goodyear Wrangler Duratractires) with the longer bed and I want to begin exploring a bit with my wife and our soon to be born...
  12. Paradox732

    MiniMax ZR2 Colorado Build

    So ditched the Tundra in favor of something a little more trail worthy. I picked up an 18 ZR2 Diesel after almost 10,000 miles and a trip through AZ, CA, UT and many CO trials I determined that really the only things I needed were just accessories for the truck. The suspension, powertrain...
  13. 805RADO

    Fitting 35"s on a Silverado

    Hello everyone! So I was trying to get some knowledge on the impacts of attempting to fit 35"s on a Silverado and I would greatly appreciate anyone input. Current set up: 2017 Z71 4x4 5.3l V8 Silverado Leveled 2.5" with Goodyear Wargler Duratrack 31"s So I found this stock set up to be quite...
  14. Old Griz

    Let the fun begin! !

    We bought a second vehicle today, so I should be able to start improving the Suburban. We picked up a 2004 S10 blazer that's just over 200,000 miles and it's almost good as new. 1st owner was a local fire department as Chief's vehicle. 2nd owner received it as a wedding gift and drove it less...
  15. DK_XV

    DK_XV - 2017 Chevy Colorado Duramax Build - Daily Driver/Long Distance Roamer

    I picked up my Colorado in July of this year. I traded in my former camping rig (F350 Dually Diesel with a 10’5 Lance Truck camper) as well as my then daily driver, an off-road modified Subaru Crosstrek for a platform that would make a great daily driving truck for my 120 mi commute as well as...
  16. Bleedblue88

    Hello from Austin!

    This is the coolest forum on the internet! I had no idea this was a thing and I've been adventure camping all over the world. (I do live in my own world, and If you asked my wife I don't pay attention to anything) I just got a 2016 Chevy 2500HD "Harry" a few months ago to turn into an adventure...
  17. Rob K

    Chevy TBI Idle problem(IAC?)

    This one is pretty technical but I can't seem to find my exact problem anywhere and I thought I would share it here and see if we can't figure it out. So my girlfriend has a 95 K2500/Silverado with a 350 Small Block with Throttle Body Injection. Recently in the cold weather the truck has had...
  18. K


    I DO NOT KNOW.... I have a 2017 Chevy Colorado v6 4x4 Long Bed Crew Cab. She’s a great truck, but I wanna make her an OverLanding rig. Big question on suspensions... this being a daily driver as well, what should I do for my suspension without going long travel (not good daily driver)? What...
  19. jbstrait

    2008 Silverado Build

    I got my Silverado 4 years ago and it's taken me on a ton of adventures. It's become my way to get out of the city, rally down forest service roads, and set up my little home away from home. 2008 Chevrolet Silverado LT 4wd w/ factory locking rear differential Modifications Duratrac 285/70R17...
  20. Katzna85


    I know I struggled to find other 2015 Silverado builds initially so I hope some of these ideas help someone else! If you have any questions about any of the installations feel free to ask. -The tint: All Windows/Windshield -Lights and Controls: Feniex Warning Lights Front and Rear...