Exploring Bishop - 07/07/2018

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Hey folks! and happy 4th of July! I'm heading out to Bishop for the weekend and wanted to check out some more of the areas surrounding Bishop CA. I'm hoping to hit Coyote Flats trail, Wheeler Ridge, and/or part of Niagra Rim. The main idea here is to just see and wheel more of the Inyo National Forest. The climate varies from sand and dirt to alpine with snow (sometimes, I've never been there this time of year.) Come on out for the weekend or just for the day! Recommended that you have at least an IFS skid.


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We'll be up north of that area around that same time (7.4-8) although we're planning on spending more time around Kavanaugh Ridge, Copper Mountain, Deadman Pass, and Laurel Lakes. Not sure on our exact route but if you see a green TJ with a black hard top + silver rear corner guards, feel free to say hi!

We may head towards Sand Canyon/Wheeler Ridge, if time allows, and we decide to opt for something more challenging. We're just taking it day by day though.


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The Niagara Rim trail is hours away from Bishop on the western slope of the Sierra...

Check out Silver Canyon and Wyman Canyon. They are right outside of Bishop and they take you up into the White mtns...