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  1. WrightRunner

    US West Coyote Flats Multi-Day Trip

    Join us for 4 day's of camping at Coyote Flats June 17th-20th 2021 We will take a 24 mile trail out of Bishop Ca. View Rally Point
  2. bsp_taco

    Exploring Bishop - 07/07/2018

    Hey folks! and happy 4th of July! I'm heading out to Bishop for the weekend and wanted to check out some more of the areas surrounding Bishop CA. I'm hoping to hit Coyote Flats trail, Wheeler Ridge, and/or part of Niagra Rim. The main idea here is to just see and wheel more of the Inyo National...

    Coyote Flats in a 2 x 4 4Runner?

    Want to plan a trip to Coyote Flats in Bishop at the end of June. I have a 2x4 2015 4runner with 285's and a 2.5" lift. Wanted some input if this trail is doable in my vehicle? From the research I've done, it looks like the majority of trails I've tackled thus far and have had no issues. I...