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  1. OverlandFaction

    EU West Europe The Ultimate Beer Run

    We leave the UK on the 19th you can RdV for a campfire and grill up in the Parc Naturel du Morvan on the Tues or the Parc National des Ecrins on the Wed in France, before we head into the Alps for a 3 night tour of the high alpine military roads via France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria heading...
  2. Overland Commander

    Big Bend, Texas

    The Big Bend offers a lot of interesting off-highway adventures. It's a great destination with a lot of climbing, canoeing, rafting, and camping also. Its desert - so take water.... I have climbed in Santa Elena Canyon and on Paisano Peak (private) near Alpine. Here are some of the popular...
  3. bsp_taco

    Exploring Bishop - 07/07/2018

    Hey folks! and happy 4th of July! I'm heading out to Bishop for the weekend and wanted to check out some more of the areas surrounding Bishop CA. I'm hoping to hit Coyote Flats trail, Wheeler Ridge, and/or part of Niagra Rim. The main idea here is to just see and wheel more of the Inyo National...