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  1. LanderGoat

    FOR SALE ARB Roof Top Tent - Simpson II - $1,200 (GLENDALE)

    SIMPSON II ROOFTOP TENT The ARB Simpson II rooftop tent delivers the ultimate in ease and convenience when traveling. Unfolding in a rooftop tent provides sleeping quarters off the ground, protected from the elements. All bedding can remain inside the tent during the journey, freeing up vital...
  2. s harris

    summer overlanding

    i’m heading out mid summer, early july, for 5-6 weeks. leaving houston, headed for new mexico, colorado, utah, idaho, nevada and california. any tips on backroads and campsites would come in handy. i’d like to get off road as much as possible, but time will be a consideration. not certain which...
  3. Alexantor

    New Memebers :)

    Hello New Fam! This is actually a account of a couple! I actually found Overland Bound through IG and was intrigued by the company and the community! We were actually trying to find a travel trailer or tear drop trailer however budget and towing capabilities of our Jeep made us decide a roof...
  4. Brian Wells

    US West Exploring Baja California

    I am an explorer and Overlander from Los Angeles. I recently moved out of my place, sold most of my belongings and am selling my business to start a new life outside of the United States. Over the next few months I am living life on the road and in nature in an effort to live life to the fullest...
  5. S

    US West Deserts and stars

    I'm headed out to work on the road and explore Oregon, Nevada, and California deserts. I'll be driving for long days, working some from the car and from the road where wifi allows, and seeking clear dark sky camping locations to set up telescopes in the evening.View Rally Point
  6. destinationdenmans

    3 Day Challenge - Mendocino National Forest

    We took the three day challenge and headed West to the Mendocino National Forest. We stayed at an awesome campsite near Pillsbury Lake the first night. We then, hit some trails on day two and found ourselves at another campsite, we had to really search for a good one. The trail we originally...
  7. jesseazarva

    Eastern Sierras Reward Mine & Whitney Portal

    The Eastern Sierra region of California is a special place. Home to places like Mount Whitney, Reward Mine and Alabama Hills, there multiple hot springs, high alpine peaks, and great fishing. In this video we show you why you need to go to this region of California. Camping at the base of the...
  8. TheRealFJC

    Any good Trail off Hwy 395? “Ca”

    Wondering if anyone knew of some good trails off Hwy 395 in Ca. I'm doing the first night in “Alabama Hills” but I have two more nights. Any suggesting will help
  9. jesseazarva

    King Of The Hammers 2020

    In this video, we show you some of our highlights from King Of The Hammers 2020 and take you along as we spend the day spectating at various locations. King of The Hammers 2020 is an offroad race that combines rock crawling and desert racing. They have multiple races throughout the week...
  10. Arepas

    Need ideas for 8 days trip from Bay Area (CA) for end of February

    We are planning a 1 week trip at the end of February we are just not 100% sure where would it be. I have been thinking about Anza Borrego, it would be a 10 hour drive to get there from the bay area but unsure if there is much to do there or if there are better destinations that we would not...
  11. LoCo_Ex

    US West Death Valley Grand Traverse

    The Death Valley Grand Traverse is set to be a 4 day/3 night adventure, which starts in the south end of the park and snakes its way north, and then eventually west over to Alabama hills for the final night. The route includes hot springs, salt flats, abandoned mines, and ghost towns. All...
  12. SM_JLUR

    SOLD Rigd Ultraswing Hitch Spare Carrier with mounting plate

    I am selling my Ultraswing with mounting plate. This will be a local pick up. I'm in West LA. Here's the product link on their website: RIGd UltraSwing™ Hitch Carrier Multi-Fit And here's the link for mounting plate: Rago Fabrication UltraPlate
  13. SM_JLUR

    SOLD Rigd Ultraswing Hitch Spare Carrier with mounting plate

    I am selling my Ultraswing with mounting plate. This will be a local pick up. I'm in West LA. Here's the product link on their website: RIGd UltraSwing™ Hitch Carrier Multi-Fit And here's the link for mounting plate: Rago Fabrication UltraPlate
  14. jesseazarva

    Southern California Snow Wheeling ( El Paso Mountains)

    We are back in the snow! New Years weekend takes us out into a snowy winter wonderland once again. Come along as we put the tow rig to the test as we hit some slushy 4x4 trails. Out in the California desert once again, to do some offroading in the snow and mud. California RV travel in snowy...
  15. XPdriven

    Cancelled Sierra Pelona Night Run

    A short moderate night run just off of Bouquet Canyon Road. The beginning of the trail is the most technical part of the trail and it opens to amazing views and fun dirt roads. High clearance is required and airing down is more of a convenience rather than a necessity on this trail. Fun ride...
  16. 805RADO

    US West Joshua Tree BLM Clean UP

    Ok so here we go again! Large 40ft dumpsters are being dropped off in the remote landscape of the Sunfair Dry lake bed, adjacent to our beloved Joshua Tree National Park, 250+ people showed up last time and $6000 dollars worth of gear was given away. This trip will be no different. Nov 9th and...
  17. Arepas

    Recommendation for routes easy trails near Pinecrest, CA.

    Friends, Planning a weekend trip to Pinecrest Lake and wanted to do an easy trail, my rig is top heavy (because of a RTT) so I am avoiding Niagara Rim and instead looking for something less-off-camber. For now I found what I think will work which is route around Herring Creek but I am looking...
  18. Adewynewy

    US West Bay Area/Coast Meet Up 10/5/19

    NOTE: THE RSVP FUNCTION DOESN'T SEEM TO BE WORKING.******* Hey Guys! I am trying to start a regular meeting. Once we can get some names and faces ( and Rigs) matched, I'd love to start trying to coordinate days out on the trials and weekend trips. My goal for this meet up is to link up with...
  19. FrankRoams

    Cancelled Rigged for Dirt - L.A. @ KC Hilites HQ

    Rigged for Dirt is coming to Los Angeles! The OC meet-up that has built a reputation for community and awesome rigs that work hard and play hard is adding a sister event in Los Angeles. We're partnering with KC to host this MONTHLY event at their HQ in Gardena, CA. We're continuing our...
  20. Johohoward27

    Looking for some Advice :)

    Hey I’m Joseph, I’m looking for my first overland vehicle that could support my journey across the west coast, I will be hauling gear like surf boards, spearGuns, fishing poles, Water, Refrigerator, cooking equipment, SUP. I could be in the road for a year or more. I have a pretty flexible...