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  1. Uncle Chi

    My Girl in Vintage Red Dress, Toyota Pickup 1988 : 6 Ton Bottle Jack Mod to fit Smittybilt Rear Tube Bumber

    This is a modification of the rear tube bumper. Modification: - 6mm insert rivet with 6mm setscrew and massive PTFE tape. - File expose overlap to follow the contour of the bottle - Insert rivet was pulled with 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant So far, it has survived 104-degree and about 1500...
  2. Gabriel Bozeman

    US Northwest Walker Valley Day

    Come and join us at Walker Valley ORV (outside of Burlington) for some fun trails and lunch!
  3. ChepoCDT

    Overlander México

    A lo mejor muchos no nos conocen, pero somos un grupo de amigos @Abrahan Perez y @IRR4x4TRD que nos gusta el estilo Overlander, después de haber conocido a Erick y familia @Jeepsies decidimos empezar con este proyecto! De momento nos encontramos en el centro del país, pero con gusto podemos...
  4. Fyris

    Adventure Southside 12-14.07.2019

    Adventure Southside - die Abenteuermesse am Bodensee hey y'all planning this year to attend at Adv Southside 12-14.07.2019 - Eigeltingen, Germany- with Camping from Saturday to Sunday. Anyone else planning to go there? Also, the company offers an Offroad Training Session in a...
  5. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Salisbury Plains Off Roading Meet Up

    An off roading and camping weekend over Salisbury plain - in conjunction with the Overland Adventure Club. Nik provisionally booked ten non-electric spots, however electric hookup is available, plus tin tents (caravans) are allowed and there are several units of apartments and camping type...
  6. KAC

    Peters Mill Fun Run

    This will be a run on the Peters Mill trail encouraging people of all rigs and skill levels to come out and have fun.View Rally Point
  7. JandAOffRoad

    US West Weekend at Ocotillo Wells and Anza Borrego, January 19th-20th (Weather Permitting) - 01/19/2019

    For those interested in joining us the weekend of January 19th-20th, we'll be taking a trip out to Ocotillo Wells and Anza Borrego area for some overnight camping , wheeling and exploring. This is open to all skill levels, all rig types and for basically anybody who has free time to get away...
  8. JandAOffRoad


    For those interested in joining us the weekend of January 19th-20th, we'll be taking a trip out to Ocotillo Wells and Anza Borrego area for some overnight camping , wheeling and exploring. This is open to all skill levels, all rig types and for basically anybody who has free time to get away...
  9. b0wfin

    Honda Pilot Overlanding???

    Check out my build thread: 2007 Honda Pilot Off Road Build
  10. Diabolikal1

    97 GMC Jimmy SLE build

    Bought this beauty for $100 from my sister in law. Knowing it needed a ton of work, front bumper pushed in from helping people out of ditches. Transmission needs three solenoids replaced (A, B, TCC) new fuel pump/sending unit dropped in and cosmetic things on the interior. This is just the...
  11. R

    Washougal Area Trail Ride - 09/29/2018

    Meet at the Safeway in Washougal at 9 am Saturday Sept 29, 2018 Convoy to trail head (about 20 minutes away). Explore some local trails (est. rating level 1-3) - Lead by CJ Turner. Bring food and water - we may find a great place for lunch along the trail. Expect to wrap up around 1-2 pm based...
  12. RichieFromBoston

    New Hampshire Class 6 this weekend

    several of us will be meeting camping overnight and wheeling two very good trails. If your up for it shoot me a text, I know its short notice but is what it is. 508-718-8253 Richie please have a good running vehicle and any tools you would need. We carry extra everything so your in good hands...
  13. RichieFromBoston

    Toyota jeep meet up in new england hitting trails in New Hampshire

    Class ^ roads some easy some hard all do able with a 33s and maybe a locker, But if you get stuck we can get you out. shoot me an email if interested .recurring every other weekend
  14. Handsinthehive

    Hello from San Diego / Southern California

    Hey OB members, New to the forum and the overlanding community. I started getting into off-roading about a year after buying my car (2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek) and found an awesome group called Mountain Roo. The have local chapters and similar to this community. I haven't done a multi-day...
  15. Dave_brez

    OB Land Between The Lakes Trip

    Alright lady's and gents it's time! OB LAND BETWEEN THE LAKES TRIP: Sept. 14-16 LIST OF FOLKS COMING: Dave aka @Dave_brez + Phoebe Drew aka @Cully74 Ashten aka @ASHTEN CORNELIUS Adam aka @EisenYota Brandon aka @bval @Stickman aka Craig and Suni
  16. APtrail2005

    Back door into Glacier National Park

    If your ever in North Western Montana you have to drive up the North Fork River, easy drive for any type of vehicle. This drive will take you North from Columbia Falls MT along the western side of Glacier National Park without having to pay a service fee. As you travel North you'll pass thru...
  17. RichieFromBoston

    Going South from Massachusetts

    I planned on heading out to Ouray again and with gas prices being what they are decided to stick to the east coast specifically virginia and Kentucky I have a season pass to the black MTN offroad park but want to hit some local trails instead like daniel boone etc. Im heading out next week...
  18. JandAOffRoad

    Klipchuck Campground/Washington

    A few buddies and I just spent about a week traveling through Canada (Banff National Park/Jasper) and the Northern Cascades in Washington. We came across a campground called Klipchuck off Highway 20 and west of Highway 97. The campground ran along Early Winters Creek and had some great...
  19. bsp_taco

    Exploring Bishop - 07/07/2018

    Hey folks! and happy 4th of July! I'm heading out to Bishop for the weekend and wanted to check out some more of the areas surrounding Bishop CA. I'm hoping to hit Coyote Flats trail, Wheeler Ridge, and/or part of Niagra Rim. The main idea here is to just see and wheel more of the Inyo National...
  20. HEYElliott

    Clean or dirty

    I enjoy keeping my vehicle dirty on the outside so people can tell that the offroad tires arent for nothing.. Today I washed my 4runner and BOY does it look good clean. What do you prefer and why?