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  1. CamelTrophyTribute

    Overland African expedition - Camel Trophy Tribute

    12 000 km 10 countries 2 continents 1 Land Rover Discovery Welcome Travellers! You don't even know how excited we are that you are here! Our goal is not to race or compete against other teams, it's to travel through North Africa, experience local culture, meet new people and have...
  2. No Known Boundaries

    2018 Toyota 4Runner Off Road Premium: 42K Miles, Colorado, $48.5K

    I’m selling my 2018 TRD Off Road Premium 4Runner (with KDSS) for $48,500. It has 42k miles on it. This truck was professionally built for overlanding, and has just about everything one could want for both on road comfort and off road expedition capability. Owned outright, clean title, single...
  3. emtbfrey

    SOLD For Sale - OREGON - 2018 Toyota Tacoma DCLB TRD OR - 75k - $40,000

    Looking to let go of my Tacoma to make the jump to a Tundra. I've really enjoyed the capability and reliability of the Tacoma, just looking for a little more space for the long road trips and all the hobbies that come along. It's been a work in progress over the last three years building to the...
  4. augenholz

    Bilder unserer Outdoor Reisen in Europa

  5. alien_bronco

    Our Custom DIY Overland Trailer

    This is our custom overland trailer we built from a harbor freight trailer from the ground up. This trailer build can be found on our YouTube channel and our adventures as well.
  6. Ocean State Overland

    FOR SALE 2017 Turtleback Expedition (NORTH EAST)

    For Sale, 2017 Turtleback Expedition Trailer: Great option if you don’t want to wait for current MFG lead times!! OD Green (Matte Finish) Tepui Autana Ruggedized RTT with Annex Fox WIng 270 degree awning Jeep 5x5 hubs 3500 lb UCF axles with electric brakes Water heater Max coupler hitch (ball...
  7. Joelinq77

    US Southwest Wolf Pen Gap

    Hello fellow overlanders. I will be taking a family camping trip to the Ouchita National forest. Hoping to meet up with any local Arkansas overlanders to hit the Wolf Pen Gap trail. Looks like a fun time and it would be great to do the trails with someone familiar with the area. View Rally Point
  8. Troy Carroll

    US West Chester Ave. Cruise

    Local car enthusiasts get together & have a Friday night cruise. This one is the Kick off to the Streets of Bakersfield car show which is on Saturday. Meet up will be in the Foodmax parking lot on Chester & Columbus and we will cruise downtown together, find a place to park, hang out & enjoy...
  9. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Amazing training opportunity, great people, lots of fun and camping!

    Expedition Utah is hosting the annual Overland Skills Camp. There will be some extensive off-road driving training, spotting, instruction on driving in different terrains, coverage of several different recovery techniques along with training on different recovery tools. View Rally Point
  10. Troy Carroll

    US West Bakersfield Shovel Rally!

    Discuss Shovels, how to mount them, where to mount them, funny shovel stories. View Rally Point
  11. brobin15

    2006 Lexus GX470 (Slow Build)

    Hey everyone! Just starting my build thread that will more than likely span a bit as I slowly have time/acquire parts to keep on building. I apologize in advance, but this first post may be a little long! Background: I bought my 2006 Lexus GX470 with 152k miles in February 2019 for a grand...
  12. roaminglost

    SOLD 2020 RAM 1500 Rebel Eco Diesel - Turn Key Overland Build

    Time for another build/life change... So up for sale is my current truck. I do daily drive this and have a few trips in line so miles are subject to change. 2020 RAM 1500 Rebel 45, xxx miles Asking $90k This truck comes with everything. Nothing is being taken off. So truly a turn-key build...
  13. Visionmercury

    US Midwest Stl toyota off road wine and wheels

    This is more of a social event ( meet and greet) family and rigs View Rally Point
  14. FrankRoams

    US West Rigged for Dirt - SD

    Third Saturday of every month, join your local Off-Roaders and Overland adventurers and make some new friends at this monthly meet and greet. Talk rigs, talk adventures, and plan future trips. All are welcome. View Rally Point
  15. 7

    2019 Ram Power Wagon W/ AT Habitat

    For sale. 2019 Ram Power Wagon - loaded. Pretty much every option less sunroof. 9900 miles. 37X12.50-17 Falken wildpeak AT3 with full size matching spare. Method wheels Carli Pintop 2.5 suspension kit. AT Overland Habitat installed by AT. AT Overland 3-wall enclosure. Goose Gear cabinet Bed Rug...
  16. S

    US West 1965 M35 Camper. 15k obo

    65 m35 Duece multifuel diesel engine, 6x6. Tires in great shape. Runs and drives great. Box on back was converted to a camper some time ago but will need a bit of work. All the electronics and guages work in the cab and box. The fuel guage is the only iffy one. My wife doesnt want to camp in it...
  17. The Day We Make

    Cancelled "Sun's Out, Rigs Out" Meetup and Trip

    Calling all overlanders! Come show off your rigs! We'll meet up for coffee and donuts, then head into the Apache-Sitegreaves National Forest to hit the trails and camp! This is a 4 day/3 night event to bring us overlanders together for food, fun, and of course, the rig show! Route information...
  18. Polaris Overland

    EU West Europe Late Spring Adventure Overland Show

    Its been a long time coming but here it is! The Show we have all been looking forward to. This show is as much about the social aspect as it is seeing some great Overland Builds and listen to a vast array of seminars. View Rally Point
  19. nolimitsoverland

    First Overland Adventure With My Dad | PATRIOT CAMPER X3 Pack Down

    Watch as I do a pack down of the Patriot Camper X3. I was blessed to have the chance to take my Dad on his first weekend overland adventure on the Georgia Traverse trail. The trip didn't end exactly how I would have wanted but we had a great time nevertheless and made some memories. It was his...