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  1. BackroadPurpose

    US Southeast 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser Overland Rig For Sale

    Its saddens me to say this but it's time to get rid of our rig. Here's a video to the vehicle and a webpage with all of the details. Thecalebnelson.com/fjforsale We're excited to build out our new rig though!!
  2. MTB-WI

    US Midwest Gear Swap meet / Grillout

    We are ending summer with a Gear Swap meet, come show off your Overland Rig, Grill out, Buy and Sell Overland and Adventure gear!!! Meet other Overland Bound members. Sunday, August 4th 3-6 pm 5297 Edith Ln Roscoe, IL 61073
  3. Ri_T_chie B


    hey everyone, looking for some information on this. I'm planning a trip from my area in Philadelphia pa, to Maine for a total of 6 days. if anyone has any good camp spots or routes or useful information please feel free to leave it here. any help is appreciated. also, my trip will be Aug 30th to...
  4. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Southern Utah Monthy Meetup

    We'll be going to Toquerville falls. The route is 5 miles each direction and you will want to air down. We will meet just past the water tank up the trail and air down there before going down the trail. Bring a sandwich or your own food if you want to eat when we get to the falls. PLEASE...
  5. fledwell

    Corporate Bullying by FCA Leads to Name Change of Jeepers International

    Many of you may not know but last year, OutdoorX4 Magazine relaunched a Jeep magazine entitled Jeepers International that was first released, and lasted only one issue, in the summer of 2000. After debuting the relaunched Jeepers International at SEMA last November, the magazine received a lot...
  6. D

    What Is The Best Source Of Electricity?

    What is the best source of electricity for an overlansing vehicle. Like if I had a pickup truck with a bed cap and I had electric appliances in it, what is the best way to power them, as the truck’s battery can not power it all. Is a generator good? Solar panels? What is a good source? Thanks
  7. P

    2010 4Runner 139k Miles :: Need Help Questions and Answers

    Hey Everyone, I just recently joined the community as I have found myself on here a ton lately looking at builds and just so many amazing rigs on here. I am in the process of looking for a vehicle to start on. What are some things to look for as far maintenance before upgrading the suspension...
  8. Joshjeeplife

    This is the beginning!!!

    Leme start by saying hi I'm Josh and overlanding is all new to me. I've been a pretty confident outdoorsman my whole life but never done much offroading. I got a 1997 jeep wrangler for my first car!!! This thing is my baby, when I first got it I ripped it though just on back roads and my family...
  9. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Camping and Exploring Capitol Reef NP - Utah - Look for OB Flag off Notam-Bulldog road

    Camping Memorial Day weekend - BLM land off Notam-Bullfrog Road on the East side of Capitol Reef NP - Check GPS Coords We'll be traveling the Cathedral Valley Loop on Saturday May 25 - more information available here: Cathedral Valley - Capitol Reef National Park (U.S. National Park Service)...
  10. mep1811

    Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser Pt 2 in TCT Magazine

    Part two of my three part series Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser is now live in TCT magazine . The article starts on page 41. I hope you enjoy the article and I look forward to your comments...
  11. Wildebeest_Outdoors

    Wildebeest Outdoors build thread

    Everyone has to start their build thread off with an epic, filthy shot from the mall right? Ok, now to get to the meat and potatoes. I am Adam, not new to overlanding but I am new to the west coast. Recently transplanted from Virginia to Northern California with my dog and my tacoma. The truck...
  12. Nickzero

    Jeep Wrangler - DIY Sleeping System Build

    (Nikko OB12727) I am deciding to share my sleeping platform system project I recently completed on my black 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport (JKU). A bit about our travels: I wont be linking many pictures since I have published a 3-part series of videos on our YouTube Channel. Please Subscribe to our...
  13. OutsideSeth

    Iceland: Driving the Ring Road

    At the time we didn't know the term overlanding, but our first trip together as a couple was to rent a 4x4 Suzuki Jimny in Iceland and drive the ring road in September 2017. Day 1 We arrived in Reykjavik in freezing cold rain and about 100ft of visibility. We had planned to take a trip to...
  14. F

    Borderland Outpost- $7500

    Custom built in 2016 by Borderland Trailers in Utah. Packages included on this build were -Kitchen http://www.borderlandtrailers.com/kitchen -Hotsprings http://www.borderlandtrailers.com/hot-spring-pkg -Canteen http://www.borderlandtrailers.com/30-gallon-canteen -Power -modified with no...
  15. Overland Anatolia

    Turkey and Overland ...

    Hi all. as Overland Anatolia I recon it is a nice platform to show some highlight based on overland travel. Meanwhile you can ask any questions about your plans, things to do, custom clearance, process, living, culture and many more. I will be very happy to assist at anytime. You can even...
  16. Nickzero

    Tacking the TAT April 1st 2019

    Whats up guys! My girl friend and I will be attempting the 'Trans American Trail' on April 1st 2019 in our black 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 6-speed. We have branded ourselves and now have our own You Tube channel up and running. The name of the channel is Nikko and Lee. Feel free to...
  17. BlueLineOverland

    Blue Line Overland Fundraiser Event

    Blue Line Overland is proud to team up with some of the biggest names in the overlanding world, including Overland Bound, GAIA GPS, L.T. Wright Knives, CVT, Tepui, Go Treads, Power Tank and many more to help raise money for Shop with A Cop 2019. Last year we were able to save Christmas for 11...
  18. Jeepsies

    Just completed 44 days in the Interior of Mexico if anyone has questions

    Hola! If you want a gringo's perspective on what it was like to travel into the interior of Mexico for an extended period and do some overlanding let me know. We just returned from a 44 day trip and are happy to answer any questions for those considering. Eric AKA Jeepsies
  19. Traveling Together

    Recommended Overland Travel YouTube Channels

    I wanted to support my favorite youtube overland channels, but I'm a dirtbag overlander, so I can't support them financially. I decided to make a video and try to help them out in my own little way. I recommend you check out any of these guys if you aren't already watching: (warning: not all of...
  20. brockburnard

    Brock's 2000 XJ Build

    I am Brock, member 16156, and this is my XJ Build Thread. I have recently purchased a Copart 2000 XJ 4dr Sport. Best part of that is that it was never registered as a Salvage Vehicle! Friday I am driving to the middle of Michigan to pick it up. Plans for the XJ are to build it as a...