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  1. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB trip-Exploring the Tyro Mine near Bullhead City

    A quick trip out of the Big City to explore the desert and hang out with friends View Rally Point

    Not new... but I was away for a bit.

    Afternoon Adventurers! Some of you may remember me, if yes, hello. Some may not, nice to meet you. Thanks to a couple of @Michael 's YouTube videos for getting me to log back in - great content man. I have had some changes in my adventuring. In addition to my Gen3 4Runner, I have added a...
  3. S

    US West Deserts and stars

    I'm headed out to work on the road and explore Oregon, Nevada, and California deserts. I'll be driving for long days, working some from the car and from the road where wifi allows, and seeking clear dark sky camping locations to set up telescopes in the evening.View Rally Point
  4. Yaniv

    The Hunt for the rare EOS R5

    It all began a few months ago with some rumors... lots of rumors about a new mirrorless beast from Canon - a mirrorless replacement for the 5D DSLRAnd me? just bought a new DSLR (90D). I always wanted a full-frame, and having 2 birds in one go was very appealing to me (full-frame and...
  5. MarshallC

    Cancelled 3 Days of Caves! Lava tube and rock formation exploration in the South Idaho desert

    2 Nights dry camping and 3 days of exploring caves, Lava tubes, and a little city of rocks in the South Idaho desert. Sleep inside the mouth of a giant lava tube, or stay up above in your RTT. Soft roaders welcome.
  6. Overland Commander

    Big Bend, Texas

    The Big Bend offers a lot of interesting off-highway adventures. It's a great destination with a lot of climbing, canoeing, rafting, and camping also. Its desert - so take water.... I have climbed in Santa Elena Canyon and on Paisano Peak (private) near Alpine. Here are some of the popular...
  7. bsp_taco

    Exploring Bishop - 07/07/2018

    Hey folks! and happy 4th of July! I'm heading out to Bishop for the weekend and wanted to check out some more of the areas surrounding Bishop CA. I'm hoping to hit Coyote Flats trail, Wheeler Ridge, and/or part of Niagra Rim. The main idea here is to just see and wheel more of the Inyo National...
  8. BuiltForWandering

    Forgotten History

    Three weeks ago we needed to get out of town and out of the cold rain and snow ( We had snow in the yard 3 weeks ago and todays high will be 81F. ) So we checked the weather and headed out. Deciding to go southwest to find the sun. We have been wanting to go out into the west desert mainly...
  9. VisualOverland

    Keep your camera batteries warm!

    Had an overnight trip planned in the desert of Johnson Valley, CA this past weekend. It got pretty cold! Fully charged batteries went from full to low battery and even shutting down. Managed to get some video and a few shots on the DSLR. iPhone and GoPro's wouldn't turn on.. Lesson Learned. Keep...

    Redemption on El Camino del Diablo

    Back in January a buddy and I attempted a traverse of the El Camino del Diablo in less than ideal conditions. In the midst of a wet winter, we knew sections near the Pinacate Lava Flow and San Cristobol Wash would be difficult. We were stuck in mud of the worst sort for an hour east of Pinacate...
  11. Wolfy

    Mojave Preserve Adventure Part 1: The Mojave Road

    [Route and Resources at the bottom. Click images for more info.] Rocket walked through the deserted cars eyes wide. There was an panel van sitting on it’s frame in the dry wash spray painted like psychedelic a ice cream truck derelict post apocalypse. A stretch limo, in matching livery sat...
  12. tomjones7888

    Highway 395 July 2-4.

    I'm going to go check out some hot springs near Bridgeport and big pine, bodie ghost town and a few trails and lakes on Sonora pass. I'm out of discovery bay ca. Anyone interested in going?