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  1. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Midwest THOR 2021

    The Trans-Hoosier Overland Route (THOR) is a 511 mile overlanding route that connects the Hoosier National Forest to the Indiana Dunes National Park by gravel and dirt roads. The THOR also connects three different offroading parks in western Indiana along with interesting cultural attractions...
  2. MrChris

    US West Lower 805/818 Meetup

    A group of fun-centric folks that like to talk about trips taken, trips planned, and gear...or anything else we please :) View Rally Point
  3. oldmopars

    US Northwest Washington Back Country Discovery Route July 5-10 2021

    Come explore Washington's great outdoors. The WABDR is a 575 mile route through scenic Washington. We start in Stevenson Wa. near the Bridge of the Gods and drive North through the lush green southern forests. Near Yakima we cross over the Cascades and venture into he high deserts and warn sunny...
  4. Off-Road Overland Camping

    US West Camp Bouse & Swansea Ghost Town, AZ

    We plan on exploring the following locations: • Travel on the Arizona Peace Trail to Camp Bouse, AZ - This is one of General Patton's Training Camps during WWII • Swansea Ghost Town, AZ • Desert Bar, Parker AZ • Vidal, CA to check out Wyatt Earp’s old cottage View Rally Point
  5. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB - Trek to Whitmore Overlook

    Let's take a short trip through one of NPS hidden gems, Grand Parashant NM and go to Whitmore Overlook View Rally Point
  6. dboden01

    US East RIGS & COFFEE (Southeastern PA)

    Welcome. Whether you are looking for a day of Wheelin’, a Wilderness Weekend Escape, or Wishing for that Wayward Adventure, this meetup is for you. This will be the first, of a hopefully monthly, meetup for those interested in discussing all things overlanding. A Rally Point, where you can...
  7. mwilson920

    US West Exploring Lake Mohave Area

    When we went out to the Mohave overlook a couple of weeks ago, we saw a road leading down towards the lake and wondered what was down there. So we are going to explore and see.View Rally Point
  8. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB Members- Titus Canyon trip

    Great scenery, ghost town, petroglyphs and driving through a canyon. Sounds like a great Saturday drive, who wants to join me?View Rally Point
  9. mwilson920

    Cancelled Las Vegas OB Members- Titus Canyon trip

    Great scenery, ghost town, petroglyphs and driving through a canyon. Sounds like a great Saturday drive, who wants to join me?View Rally Point
  10. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB Members-Overnight Trip to Gold Butte National Monument

    We will be exploring one of our newest National Monuments, Gold Butte. Where we camp depends on how many people want to camp. We will also meet up with folks who just want to come up for the day and do a day trip on Sunday. Please note.... This is for the OVERNIGHT rally point ONLY!! Please...
  11. mwilson920

    US West Exploring Gold Butte

    Let's head out and explore one of Nevada's newest National Monuments
  12. CJTherapy

    US West Canyonlands NP- Maze District

    Come explore with me the beautiful Maze District in Canyonlands Nation Park, Utah. Beginning April 26th and ending April 30th we will spend 4 nights in one of the most remote locations you can get by vehicle. This is not a trip for the in-experienced off road driver or first time adventurer...
  13. Paula - Canadian Explorer

    CA West Canada Conquering the Dempster Highway: Road Trip to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Canada

    This will be a multi-week road trip with lots of off-roading, hiking, camping (including off-grid), pic stops...and.... lots of 'white-knuckle-holding-on-to-the-edge-of-the-seat' passenger reactions! (just kidding). We will also be dipping our toes in the Arctic Ocean.
  14. Willie Tennant

    AF Southern Africa Bush Gear SA Basic 4x4 Training

    Enhance your off-road skills with a 4×4 training course which involves both theory and application
  15. ryancarman

    CA Central Canada Madawaska Valley fall colour (preview)

    A Sunday day trip with an assortment of trail types from (minimal) paved back roads to some very mild rock crawling. Mud and water are possible but will be minor. There are many very nice spots to stop and make a cup of coffee or just take break.View Rally Point
  16. SLV Overland

    US Rocky Mountain SLVOverland: Two Pass Tour

    Two Pass Tour - A two-day event including Medano Primitive Road and Blowout Pass. Overnight camping at The Colorado Farm Brewery with catering by Gosar Sausage Food Truck.View Rally Point
  17. OverlandOzzy1

    US Southeast Hurricane Creek and Max Patch

    Overland trip from Hurricane Creek and Max Patch!View Rally Point
  18. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West High Rock Canyon Overnighter

    3 days, 2 nights Overnighter in High Rock Canyon and areaView Rally Point
  19. OverlandFaction

    EU West Europe Wales - Overlander Thon

    Weekend of Overlanding and Laughter (and Toffee Vodka) in Mid Wales. There will be two different campsites over the weekend and lanes to suit all. This will take in the great Strata and amazing scenery.View Rally Point
  20. Iridium

    US Rocky Mountain Northern Colorado, Trail Ride/Meet-up: Johnny Park and Pierson Park

    Join us as we explore a few trails west of Lyons, CoView Rally Point