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  1. S

    US West Deserts and stars

    I'm headed out to work on the road and explore Oregon, Nevada, and California deserts. I'll be driving for long days, working some from the car and from the road where wifi allows, and seeking clear dark sky camping locations to set up telescopes in the evening.View Rally Point
  2. S

    Cancelled Mt Hood trails

    A one or two day exploration of some of the best trails around Mt. Hood
  3. CampingInMay

    Oregon Trip Report

    Hopefully this is an ok thread for a report! My girlfriend and I hit the Oregon Coast from Reno, NV this last weekend. Driving 500 miles into Thursday night ending up in Winchester Bay, OR. What a beautiful fishing town with some amazing dunes for OHV's. My friend met us up there with his...
  4. CampingInMay

    Oregon Sand Camping - Reedsport, OR

    One of my first posts here! I am headed to Reedsport, Oregon from Reno, NV on Thursday. Finally setting up my bed rack tomorrow to install my RTT for the maiden voyage! Hoping to make the haul in one evening starting on Thursday, but also want to have a back up camping spot in case I decide to...
  5. SwansonDigital

    Long Gulch - Honeycomb Wilderness in SE Oregon

    Long Gulch can be found off Leslie Gulch road. It's a bumpy, narrow and rocky at times track on the way in. Primarily ATV traffic. The video below includes arial shots of the canyon walls of long gulch as well as Juniper and Timber Gulch that are along Leslie Gulch road. Gulch, Gulch, Gulch...
  6. Bilbo

    US Northwest June 2020 WABDR - Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

    ***Rally is delayed so we will modify this trip to exclude the Rally. Also adding more slots due to high level of interest. We will likely have a group that continues on to complete the whole BDR. Stay tuned for updates. *** We are exploring the first 3 sections of the Washington Backcountry...
  7. grillotngrits

    US Southwest Epic Summer Trip

    I'm setting up a trip to leave New Orleans Saturday, June 20th and return Friday, July 10th.View Rally Point
  8. 2RiversRanchExpeditions

    Cancelled July 4th Weekend at 2 Rivers Ranch

    -July 3rd: Arrive at the ranch anytime, group campout and potluck at the ranch. Bring/get a dish or dessert to share. -July 4th: Parade in the morning. Then hit the trails for the day. Camp out on the trail. -July 5th: Hit the trails all day. Camp out on the trail. -July 6th: Break camp and...
  9. Brooke

    US West NorCal > Oregon Sand and Trees 8 Day Trip

    Starting at the Western most point in California @ Mottole Campground we will head north cruising through coastal views and redwood groves stopping at Jedediah Smith Campground spending the night under the redwoods. The next day we head north into the Rouge River Siskiyou National Forest...
  10. Coach Reese

    Routes in Oregon

    Hey Everyone, I'm part of NW Overland Quest. We explore the Pacific Northwest as a team and share route information from our adventures. Most of us are weekend warriors and sometimes manage to get one or two weeks off during the year to take longer trips together. We are currently focused on...
  11. CoreyPDX

    Portland to Portland Cascade Adventures Loop

    Hello Everyone! Trip Quick Look Summary of our Portland to Portland Cascade Mountains loop: We (myself, Fiance, and our two dogs) started from home in Portland Friday evening and set up camp at the beginning of Barlow Road. Did a portion of Barlow, headed down to Bend and used Barr road and...
  12. Jedi

    US Northwest Yellowbottom / Quartzville Cleanup and Campout

    Cleaner Greener Oregon Is hosting our first ever biannual CLEAN UP with the bonus annual CAMPOUT!! Camping is available from Friday May 3rd, 2019 - Sunday May 5th, 2019 (camping fee paid for) CLEAN UP ON SATURDAY MAY 4TH, 2019 Games and family fun after clean up is over *Please bring all...
  13. Jedi

    US Northwest Trucks and Tater Tots

    Let’s get together to kick tires, swap stories and snack. There is no snow allowed at this event but bring your recovery gear just in case.View Rally Point
  14. SierraOL

    New Member - Oregon

    Hi all, Just became a member to Overland Bound and excited to see what all of you have to share. A little bit about me. Name's Tom and am a native Oregonian. I'm an avid fishing nut and genuinely love the outdoors. Grew up camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding... Basically everything your...
  15. Acolle

    US Northwest SOLD : Portland, OR - 2016 TRD PRO w/ mods

    SOLD 2016 TRD PRO 4 Runner | White | 35K miles Icon Stage 2 FJ Steelies x5 [ custom powder coat ] Cooper Discoverer ST MAXX 255/80R17s x5 4x4 Labs Rear Bumper 4x4 Labs Sliders Southern Style Offroad Slimline Hybrid front bumper insert. Custom with w/ hoop bull bar, integrated Rigid LED light...
  16. Jedi

    US Northwest SW Washington / NW Oregon Meetup - 01/28/2019

    Join me, Jedi, for a no-host dinner at Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que - Cascade Station in Portland, OR for an opportunity to meet your fellow Overland Bound members and discuss organizing the SW Washington/NW Oregon area. Reservations have been made for 6:00 pm. View Rally Point Details
  17. Reid Adventures

    Yosemite and Death Valley in Winter

    Hello everyone. I am new to the community and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My mode of transportation will be my 2018 T4R TRD Off Road with basic 3" spacer lift and 285/70/17 KO2s. I haven't been "Off Roading" in many years so I am sure the vehicle is much more capable than what I...
  18. Reid Adventures

    Hello from Southern Oregon

    Hello all. I just joined the OB community and can’t wait to start meeting other members. I am currently located in the Grants Pass area. I am a photographer and love creating content. Instagram is @reidadventures. I have been vehicle adventuring and camping all of my life and just realized it...
  19. J&J Offroad

    Your favorite highway?

    Tell me about your favorite (Route, Interstate, A or B road) highway? I am asking because it's a great way for me to plan a trip. My number one favorite is U.S. Route 395. It crosses California and a small bit of Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and ends in Canada. 395 is the main link between all...
  20. Jonathan Moreno

    Gambler 500 Oregon Trails Clean Up

    Headed to Chemult Oregon this weekend to support the Gambler 500. It's a 500 mile $500 car waypoint excursion thru central Oregon wilderness. Along the trails participants clean up the trash and LOTS of it. This is my first go and I'm joining as a recovery vehicle to help stuck people. The...