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Starting at the Western most point in California @ Mottole Campground we will head north cruising through coastal views and redwood groves stopping at Jedediah Smith Campground spending the night under the redwoods. The next day we head north into the Rouge River Siskiyou National Forest exploring forest service roads and setting up camp at Laird Lake for the night. The next day we are continuing the trek a short drive north to the top of the mountain range where we will stop for the day at an old (closed) fire lookout and do some exploring by foot. From here we head down out of the mountains for gas and supplies and setup camp at Horsfall Beach. The next day we set out onto 30+ miles of beach driving from Horsfall to the South Jetty Campground (there is some road driving between Horsfall and Threemile). For the last day we head back into the forest, exploring the western slopes of the Siuslaw National Forest, for a full day of off road enjoyment before settling down at Horse Creek Campground. From there we are going to do some touristy stuff, visit the sea lion caves - see some lighthouses and then make a dash for Portland.

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