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  1. TOY4RNR

    Lockhart Basin UT - South to North?

    SO, as part of a month long trip exploring Utah this May, I would like to do Lockhart Basin. I'm in a 4th Gen 4runner, with a 2.5 inch lift, 275/70r17 tires, no lockers (considering putting in a rear TrueTrac, pre trip). Most likely it will be just me and the dog. Youtube has me questioning...
  2. Brian Wells

    Cancelled Moab For Memorial Day Weekend

    Im Off Roading and camping all summer. For Memorial Day weekend I will be stopping in Moab for off roading, camping, relaxing etc. Im interested in meeting up with other Jeepers and having a good time. View Rally Point
  3. CaliTex

    US Southwest Spring Trips Planning Meeting

    We are working on details for two great trips in Spring of 2021. A Big Bend trip and a Moab trip. Come join us as put these trips together.View Rally Point
  4. Embark With Mark

    What is your favorite place to test gear?

    Turns out, Moab is the perfect place to test a new setup. After dealing with a failing transmission, I proceeded to swap in an AX-15 from advance adaptors. At the same time we changed our sleep setup from a ground tent to a Crashpad double swag. All in all we are loving our new setup, although...
  5. Aeroscout

    US Rocky Mountain MOAB in October

    Low Key MOAB trip.View Rally Point
  6. BrokeDown

    Moab 9/6 - 13 and Ouray 9/13 - 20

    We will be in Moab from Sept. 6th to the 13th and then in Ouray from the 13th until the 20th. While in Moab, I have to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but plan on doing trails Monday and Friday. I put my wife into an offroading school (Barlow) on Saturday (12th) so that will tie up a...
  7. Road

    Utah Wanted All the Tourists. Then It Got Them.

    I'm not much of a fan of Outside magazine, for various reasons. The article linked to below, though, by Mark Sundeen, is really quite interesting and worthwhile. It's about tourism, the marketing of adventure, social media, destination development and destination management and how it is...

    Spring Break to MOAB

    So we just started overlanding, The truck is a work in progress but a Trip to MOAB set the fire burning for adventure in my family. We drove from the Chicago area and took I70 for all the Americana and kitschy stuff. Needless to say there was about 12 feet of snow at Vail. The first day in...
  9. Norcal Overlanders

    Utah Expedition

    Hey Guys Headed to Utah April 12th, in the planning stages for the route. We are leaving Sacramento and going via salt lake city to Moab then heading south through the national parks and leaving Utah from St George back via Vegas. Total trip is 8 days Looking for route ideas and camp sites...
  10. chuckoverland

    Spokane to Moab to Great Sand Dunes

    So we decided that in we were going to plan a long road trip for our 10th anniversary in April 2020. Hoping to find some warmer weather in the spring and see some cool sights. The route we will likely take is I-90 east to I-15 and head south. We will break the drive up into 5 or 6 hour pushes...
  11. animaloverland

    Moab trail suggestions with a few pics

    If you are in Moab and looking for easy to moderate trails to do with great views and manageable day trip driving are a few suggestions with some sample images. I can recommend Chicken Corners, Beef Basin and Shafer Switchbacks. If I had to do it again...I would add Lathrop Canyon...
  12. animaloverland

    A few pics from our Moab trip in September

    We had a great 8 day trip to Moab in September. We didn't do anything too difficult...but spectacular scenery and enough steep trails with cliffs and some nice rock ledges to keep it interesting. We did Chicken Corners, Beef Basin and Shafer Switchbacks. We were going to add Lathrop Canyon...
  13. Sota166

    From Minnesota to Utah!

    Hello Friends, My wife and I will set out on out first overlanding experience this October! The highlights of the trip will include Ouray, CO, Moab, UT (White Rim Road and Shafer Trail), Salt Lake City and the Salt Flats, Jackson Hole, WY and Rapid City, SD. I have a couple questions...
  14. GatorDoc

    Overland Expo West 2019

    Who's going? A buddy and I started planning this week, wondering if anyone else here is planning on going and would like to meet up with or travel along with us along the way. Our tentative plan is to leave West Michigan on the morning of May 8 and haul the mail south to the Trans-America...
  15. HappyOurOverlanding

    Hidden Canyon–Top of the World–Hidden Canyon - May 2018

    A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. It was time again for the whole Happy-Our-Overlanding gang to head out for another adventure:sunglasses:. This time—a 13-day adventure on the way to Overland Expo West in...
  16. @AstroOverland

    Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ ... The Long Way

    Tentative Itinerary: June 18th - Ganbury, TX to Amarillo, TX June 19th - Amarillo, TX to Somewhere, CO June 20th - Somewhere, CO to Somewhere Else, CO June 21st - Somewhere Else, CO to Moab, UT June 22nd - Moab, UT to Grand Canyon, AZ June 23rd - Grand Canyon, AZ to Sedona, AZ to Phoenix...
  17. CHILL907

    Tower Arch & Top of the World, Moab

    I've only made a few trips to Moab over the years and with so much still to see, we vectored our rig north and left the heat of Phoenix behind us. This trip was to be a special one. My dad finally, after many years of waiting, secured himself his dream rig. With a little help from his son he...
  18. Ese Chuy

    New member from Copperas Cove Tx. Anybody going to the moab area this year?

    Hello, Im glad I came across this organization. My name is Jesus im from Copperas Cove Tx. My goal is to one day travel from Moab to the Grand Canyon North Rim and hopefully to many other places in my lifetime. I hope I can find someone here to go with me that knows the area. My comanche truck...
  19. CharlesThe2nd

    Central and Southeastern Utah

    Hi everyone. Been a minute since I've been active on here, life and what not. I'll be in Moab 3/20-22. It's the week before Easter Jeep Safari, so I thought there may be some Overland Bound members there. If so, then lets get together and do a trail ride. I do drive a Jeep Liberty, but with...
  20. Anchor Mtn

    2018 Moab Trail Cleanup Fundraiser

    I am cross posting this from a local Utah forum because it falls well within the core values of Overland Bound... Every year they do this fundraiser/cleanup and could use the support of EVERYONE in the OHV community. Even if you arent a Jeep owner or a rock crawler, Moab is an amazing place and...