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  1. Camel51

    Hello from Colorado Springs

    Hey everyone. I've had an account for awhile but haven't been active. I'm in Colorado Springs, CO and looking for people to adventure with. I've got a Tacoma that can take a decent beating and a Defender that I'm turning into an international tourer.
  2. El-Dracho

    Looking for a garage in Iceland which is experienced with Defender Puma (Tdci)

    Hi overlanders of the north, A buddy of mine drowned his Defender Tdci in Iceland. He is now safely recovered in the Selfoss area. Waiting for the workshops open on monday. Anybody here knows a good adress for this type of rig in the southwest of Iceland? Somebody recommended Bilarpjörnusta...
  3. ggrupea

    Weekend escape

    Hi Everyone, some months ago my family and a friend family made a short trip to a small beach on central Chile. This place is very good to take a getaway for a few days or to take a stop on a long trip. Here I attach a map with some information and pics of the trip. The picture with the...
  4. Zapo

    Yes We Canyons - An overlanding trip in spanish mountains

    On early november Cecile and i met and Lauren, and @76_overlander and his family to drive 5 days on the beautiful trails of Aragon and Catalunya, Spain, Europe. We were lucky with the weather given the season, exploring sierras and mountains, abandoned villages and breathtaking...
  5. Jesper Løwe

    Danish 110" LR Defender

    This is our 110" Land Rover Defender.. The daily name is "Turbussen" which is the danish word for TourBus. We are My girlfriend and myself, and my dog. And some times our 3 kids. We use the Defender for weekend trips, scouting trips, and family holidays. Weekend trips to Sweden is at the moment...
  6. sportingroverguy

    Hello from CT!

    Hi All, I'm excited to join your ranks and look forward to meeting some of you in the near future (on the trails, preferably)! 1) Pictures: @sportingroverguy on instagram 2) Location: Lower Fairfield County, Connecticut 3) Rig: 1989, Landrover 110 CSW 4) Overlanding Experience: Novice until...
  7. ttephotos

    Four days around the English Lake District

    Went out on another adventure and decided to start posting these here instead of just on my build thread! If your in the UK or back stateside lemme know if you have any questions! Album
  8. nickburt

    Land Rover rant ( ha ha) .......

    Used my Defender for a long run (120 odd miles) for the first time in a while today (now I'm back to using it as a daily driver) normally only 30 miles each way to work ................ love it ............. dear thing ............... :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: Maybe I've got soft...
  9. nickburt

    Vehicle Security - the rig itself.

    What security do you have? A side from making sure nothing is left on display, or left in the rig, what security do folk have for preventing theft of the vehicle itself? Here in the UK, theft of Landrovers, especially Defenders, is big business for the criminal fraternity. Not a day goes buy...
  10. Big110

    FOR SALE NIB Rigid LED 7" Headlamps

    New in box, I never opened them (box sealed)......just redesigned by Rigid when they acquired Truck Lite. Heated glass, top of the line direct replacement headlamps with H4 adaptor included. By far the nicest LED replacement lamp for 7" headlights (jeepers and defenders and others...)...
  11. ce4460

    Defender v. Discovery II

    ive been looking to buy the right Defender for awhile. As I troll various sites in search of the perfect rig I keep seeing fully outfitted Discovery IIs for half the price. Should I consider settling for the equipped Discovery or stick it out in order to get the rig I've always wanted, then...
  12. Roverlanders

    2011 Land Rover Defender Icarus Rough Edition

    Hi all! I'm new here on the forums and would like to share our build and get your feedback. We are leaving in a couple of weeks for a 3 month overland trip around Europe. The object is to have a capable overland vehicle that sleeps 4 adults and still has 5 seats. A bit of a challenge, right? We...
  13. Brentski


    SOLAROS=Southern Land Rover Society. I hope this is allowed, and I hope I am posting in the correct place, and I trust the moderators will correct me if I am in error. I just wanted to tell everyone about a local club I belong to and welcome anyone who is in my area that might be interested...
  14. Brentski

    Land Rover Registry

    Hi everyone, I've seen a few threads started for other great overland vehicles, but couldn't find a Rover thread. Unless I Missed it, I'm happy to get the ball rolling... About a year ago I handed down my Jeep Grand Cherokee to my oldest daughter. A great vehicle, by all standards and I...
  15. Michael

    2015 Land Rover Defender 110 Spotted in Australia

    This is an awesome ride to see in person!