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SOLAROS=Southern Land Rover Society.

I hope this is allowed, and I hope I am posting in the correct place, and I trust the moderators will correct me if I am in error.

I just wanted to tell everyone about a local club I belong to and welcome anyone who is in my area that might be interested. I feel its appropriate as this club upholds many of the same values as OVERLAND BOUND.

Briefly its a Land Rover enthusiast club. We hold charity rides, get together at least once a month to kick each others tires and try to get out on some regional jeep trails

JackW (SOLAROS member # 1) describes it well so I'll just quote him here.

We've been around in various forms for almost thirty years - started out as the Southeast Regional Division of the Land Rover Owners Association.
When the LROA fell apart we continued participating as a group of Land Rover owners in the local British Motorcar Day - an event that started in Atlanta in 1983.
Land Rovers have been a part of the annual Spring charity event British Motorcar Day and at times have been over 10% of the field.

Back in 1994 some of the local Land Rover owners decided to form a club and Solaros was born. Solaros has welcomed members from all over the southeast since its beginnings.
Although we are primarily a Land Rover Club ownership of a Land Rover is not required and we have always welcomed other 4WD enthusiasts to join and participate in our events.

We have an annual charity event that we hold each fall called the Southern Appalachian Expedition. Its a family friendly camp out held somewhere near North Georgia.
We have an auction of items donated to the club by Hennessey Land Rover and a variety of vendors and ALL of the proceeds of the auction are donated to charity.
We have supported a variety of charities over the years including the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and many others. The auctions have raised over $65,000 over the last 22 years - pretty good for a club that has between 30 to 80 members.

I will also be posting in this sub forum more details about the Southern Appalachian Expedition 2016 Event coming in November, as it will be in a cool location in north Georgia, with some fun trails and benefits a great cause.

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have any questions.


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Wake UP, SoLaRoS is getting together for a trail ride. Trail ride planning for Saturday, Dec 28 - Talladega NF, weather permitting! More info to follow.....