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  1. J

    Interested in opinions of pros and con of the fzj80 and a discovery

    Looking to start a new build. I figure the best advise comes from those who have already owned either of these rigs. I’ve narrowed it down to a fzj 80 or a Land Rover discovery 1. Seeing if anyone have and experience with them and some of the pros and cons of both.
  2. Donegal Overlanding

    What Is It Really Like To Overland In Ireland? Enough Words.

    Like many countries around the world, we are facing severe travel restrictions due to Covid-19. With a lot of spare time on our hands and getting pretty bored, we decided that to cheer everyone up, we would go through the many hundreds of hours of b-roll footage we have accumulated over the...
  3. NineZero

    Hello from the Los Angeles area!

    So happy to be part of this great community, I'm a vintage Land Rover collector and overland enthusiast. My wife is an accomplished Overlander and Off-Road rally competitor and my daughter is happy to be along for the ride. I've been driving off-road for almost 20 years and have competed in a...
  4. IMDOC

    Need advice for a 1996 Land Rover Discovery

    Hey guys, I need some advice for my first build here. Just purchased a ‘96 Land Rover Discovery 1, engine in good shape and overall structurally she’s in good working order minus some electric quirks. Suspension feels decent and tired need replacing. Would like to overland with wife and three...
  5. 4

    19 years old and ready to start overlanding but my vehicle isn't

    Im 19 years old and bought a 2002 disco. I plan to use it as my travel/offroad rig once its ready. Bought it for a thousand bucks with a head gasket leak. It runs but over heats after a few miles of driving. Probably should've payed less for it but who cares. I got all the gaskets for the engine...
  6. Ian McAdorey

    $6k Budget - Land Rover Disco 2 vs Land Cruiser 100 Series or other options

    I am currently looking at getting either a Discovery Series 2 or a Land Cruiser 100 Series. I have never owned a Toyota or Land Rover product before but I would love to hear from current owners about their experiences, pros and cons, of owning these vehicles. I have outlined below the...
  7. Donegal Overlanding

    300TDi Full Bhuna Tuning from Fourby UK and Alisport

    I frequently see people asking about boost pins and boost rings etc for the 300 TDi engines. Our 1996 Discovery is 3 ton now with all of the gear we put on her, so performance was needing a boost. I took the opportunity to create a video of some of the install and also some footage of what its...
  8. Stuck-on-Rovers

    I just pulled an ARB Deluxe bumper

    I just picked up a used ARB front bumper for a Discovery II. 2 questions for anybody that can help: 1) mine has a dent and a slight bend. Can these be repaired and if so, by whom? 2) I have a Discovery 1, will this fit my rig? Thank you in advance for any advice. Keith
  9. HellsAngler

    thoughts on Land Rovers

    Lately been interested in Land Rovers and building up a new rig. From the little research I've done, the defender and disc 1 would be the best platforms. and with the price of disc 1's on the market i think this is what i would be leaning toward as my base. However, Ive heard alot of talk...
  10. Tinker

    "Nanuuq" my Land Rover Discovery 2, ...forever a project!

    Haven't done a build thread on a forum in a loooong time, but here goes. I'll try to catch up the project to the current state. Back in late 2014, after more than a year long search I spotted an unmodified low-mile 2002 Land Rover Discovery 2 a few states away. I'd often pondered about a...
  11. Obi-Juan

    2002 Land Rover Discovery 4 door - Ebay

    Just saw this while I was browsing Ebay for something else. Looks like it might a good deal if it's not a bogus post. 2002 Land Rover Discovery 4 door
  12. Upliftphotography

    99 Land Rover Discovery 2 Camper Build

    This build was base on having a bed that can close at 17 inches but open to 28 inches. Cabinets to hold gear and food. Removable Rv base for the 13 Mac, Ipad mini holder to watch movies, Converter was also install to deep cycle marine battery.
  13. ce4460

    Defender v. Discovery II

    ive been looking to buy the right Defender for awhile. As I troll various sites in search of the perfect rig I keep seeing fully outfitted Discovery IIs for half the price. Should I consider settling for the equipped Discovery or stick it out in order to get the rig I've always wanted, then...
  14. Chris Arnesen

    Free 2017 Canada Discovery Pass!

    Saw this over on Northwest Overland and haven't seen it mentioned here yet! Help celebrate Canada's 150th birthday and as their gift to you, the 2017 Discovery Pass will provide free admission for the entire year to...
  15. AZ_4Runner

    Land Rover LR3 HSE (2007) build!!!

    Finally starting my build on my LR3!
  16. Brentski


    SOLAROS=Southern Land Rover Society. I hope this is allowed, and I hope I am posting in the correct place, and I trust the moderators will correct me if I am in error. I just wanted to tell everyone about a local club I belong to and welcome anyone who is in my area that might be interested...
  17. Brentski

    Land Rover Registry

    Hi everyone, I've seen a few threads started for other great overland vehicles, but couldn't find a Rover thread. Unless I Missed it, I'm happy to get the ball rolling... About a year ago I handed down my Jeep Grand Cherokee to my oldest daughter. A great vehicle, by all standards and I...