Need advice for a 1996 Land Rover Discovery

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Decatur, Texas
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Hey guys,

I need some advice for my first build here. Just purchased a ‘96 Land Rover Discovery 1, engine in good shape and overall structurally she’s in good working order minus some electric quirks. Suspension feels decent and tired need replacing. Would like to overland with wife and three kids (6, 8, 10 yo). Any helpful suggestions out there for what to consider? Would like eventually to head towards a full week excursion in the coming years.


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Chesterfield Township, MI, USA
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A friend of mine has/had about 3 Land Rover discoveries. He always put a roof rack on his rigs when he got them for storage. One of them had a steel rear bumper with tire swing out and jerry cans. For the most part we just wheeled to places to kayak. He always said the Land Rover worked great off road, but that you have to look at your head gaskets as a service item every 100 K Miles. I think if your packing five people into that rig, you might want to look into a small trailer to pull some supplies if your going out for a full week at a time.
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