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Aug 22, 2015
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So many new members! Welcome! Jan 18, 2017

Michael was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Oct 16, 2017 at 3:04 PM
    1. Rubicajon
      Thanks for the welcome. My family and i look forward to the many friends and memories to be made.
      1. Michael likes this.
      2. Michael
        Oct 9, 2017
    2. Raul (Rawly) Castorena
      Raul (Rawly) Castorena
      Hi Michael, just reaching out to get my account upgraded. This is Rawly OB member #7605. Looking forward to planning my first overlanding trip.
    3. Knitron
      I would like a Adventure Is Necessary sticker for my rig. Bit want a larger size, approx 30" wide. I am happy to make my own, but I didn't want to proceed without permission. I don't want to do any copy right infringement. If you have one that's available I would definitely be interested into looking at that. Thanks
    4. Faded_80
      as promised, here is a link on the auto up window mod. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/auto-up-window-mod.15277/

      youll need a 1n4001 diode, soldering iron and a small screwdriver. the PCB is labeled where to add the diode and its orientation. takes roughly 30 minutes.

      youre always welcome here in my shop, stop by anytime youre in the area.
      1. Michael likes this.
      2. Michael
        Awesome! Thank you for following up! I really appreciate it! We had a blast!
        Aug 10, 2017
    5. IntoArt
      Hello Michael. A few days ago, I posted a request to upgrade my forum status based on my recent membership (OB #4587), but still can't access member only stuff :) Also sent you an email regarding an item missing in my original swag order #9405. Would you be so kind as to look into this for me?

      Thanks! Stuart
    6. jazzy13
      Michael, I signed up for OTG as soon as I got the email, which was literally moments ago. However, during sign-up, the system wouldn't allow me to sign in with email address. I purchased a ticket as a guest as I didn't want to miss out. Just letting you know I'm already an OB member, so if you're sending out anything for guests, please save the letter/coin/etc for an actual guest. Thanks again and so pumped!

    7. Whitebutler
      I do have a question for you. That is, how do husband and wife each with rigs join up? Is it each vehicle? Each person or household?
      My wife has her 4runner and I have a Tacoma. We would both like to join.
    8. ce4460
      Hello Michael. ce4460 here. When can I sign up for off the grid 2017. I know there will be a demand and don't want to miss out.
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    9. Arnel
      Are you making it out on the OB Pacific Northwest Trail Run – 2017 Edition this year?
    10. Richard A. Curl
      Richard A. Curl
      I just watched the video on the Overland Bound it's amazing on how you put it all together and knowing that people are there for each other :). I would love to have an Overland Bound even happen in West Virginia or near the area I'm at which would be great. I know a lot of people would love to explore the world more and it never gets old :)
    11. Loud Runner
      Loud Runner
      Hey Michael,
      I am shipment #9108
      Any way you could update my account with my badge number?
    12. stage7
      Hi Michael,
      Do you have a source for vinyl coated 3/16" stainless steel cable? I can't seem to find stainless that's coated.
      I'm attempting to build some limb risers.
      Much appreciated.

    13. pikappk10
      Hey Michael not 100% sure if should post this here, but my badge# is 3466. Thanks for all the content on this site.
    14. GreenJeepScout
      Were Do you find the OB #
    15. ZetRocks
      Thanks for all you and your wife do! Not sure if we can request honorary members, but there is a "kid" on YouTube named Hobo Ahle that would deserve it...she has lived the vehicle dwelling and exploring life daily for a few years now. She offers some great tips on vehicle dependent travel as well. Check her out when you have time -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFAu5dzHq3BJvZsO58N8fXA/featured
      1. Let's Get Dirty likes this.
    16. Derick1
      My wife and I just bought our pack. We are extremely excited to start overlanding. I'm curious what you mean by your emblem to view member forums and what not. Does the package we paid for not include a emblem?

      thank you
    17. Tahoe
      So given a ~3" lift on my 80 series, would a DC Drive shaft be appropriate? I seem to get some noise when decelerating, especially down hill and forums suggested this as the fix, the DC that is..
      1. Juan rojas
        Juan rojas
        Does the kit change something to the ride on road want to upgrade my suspension too
        Jun 27, 2017
    18. TRL EATR
      TRL EATR
      Michael -

      Is there a way for the alert emails that come to my email to include the post? Sometimes it is easier to read the post in email, rather than to log into the site to see the followed thread.
      1. Tahoe likes this.
      2. Tahoe
        Ditto, otherwise I end up just turning off the email.
        Apr 28, 2017
    19. Jim (Placerville)
      Jim (Placerville)
      Hi Michael I think I am doing this correct, I just got "Two Overland Bound Emblems: New Member" and if I understand your email correctly I suppose to post my request in the account upgrade sticky post under General Discussion. to have my account upgraded your account!

      I think I might have met you today at Black Diamond Café in Emeryville

      Thank for the help
      Hi Michael,

      I've posted in the new member forum and emailed the help section of the website, but no one has responded to activate my member number 3881 so I can access the forum, map and calendar for members. Can you please help me with this. Thanks!
      1. Michael likes this.
      2. Michael
        Yes! I'll do this now! Where did you post (Help?) Just curious what channel did not work for you!
        Mar 7, 2017
        Luis Merlo likes this.
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