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  1. S

    A List of Awesome Expedition Vehicle Builds from Around The Web

    We recently put together this list of awesome overland builds from around the web (Most builds are mainly from this forum, expedition portal, and youtube). Check it out and let me know what you think
  2. GrizzCamp

    Nissan Frontier Camper Build

    To start off, I have been working on the build quietly for about two years. I was using instagram (@grizzcamp) to document my build but I need a more text book approach (I will be editing posts as needed. Will start with roughing out my timeline, then filling in the details). Hopefully this will...
  3. 75th_jk

    Rockcrawler/overlander 75th anniversary jk builf thread

    hello everyone, my name is Brian and this is the story of how i went from this to this: And all the lessons, mistakes, and regrets that are associated with the build. Hope you enjoy!(: So anyway, it all started when i got stopped way too many times for speeding in my first car (a 2012...
  4. Socal R50

    2001 Nissan Pathfinder SE

    Hello, I have 01' pathfinder se 2wd, and want to get it into offloading capability to join my local OB meet up. The SUV is stock and I live in SoCal, and want to do light to medium offroading. I am looking at the Toyo Open Country T/A and upgrading my radiator (due to overheating issues in the...
  5. Hourless Life

    2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon - GUARDIAN - OB14045

    (Disclaimer: Format shamelessly stolen from @rubicongoldberg who has a pretty epic build. Would love to connect someday with you Rube.) We're new to overlanding but not to Jeeping. Been traveling full-time around the nation currently on our 5th year of fulltime travel. But we've been doing it...
  6. Gmanf150

    F-150 Craigslist Build (up date)

    Hello All, here is the Up-Date on Operation F-150 Craigslist Build I now am running a set of Moto Metal 18's with Master Crafts that are a great off road tire and not bad on road. I also now have a topper / cap that I also got off of CL for 250 with a wooden storage box for in the bed of the...
  7. SwampcatJeep

    2018 Jeep JLU Rubicon Build - Project Swampcat

    Hey Everyone! Welcome to the build thread for Project Swampcat!! I'll update this thread periodically, but for the latest and greatest on the build, as well as our travelling adventures, follow me on Instagram (@swampcat_jeep) and/or Facebook (@SwampcatJeep). The overall build goal is a common...
  8. Hank Outdoors

    Profile Page Photo Albums?

    OB Staff, I have noticed that many older posts have broken image links rendering the post almost useless. These links refer to a 3rd party image host like Photobucket... Is there a way to add a "Photos" tab, maybe next to "Badges", on our profile pages for keeping photo albums for followers...
  9. DK_XV

    DK_XV - 2017 Chevy Colorado Duramax Build - Daily Driver/Long Distance Roamer

    I picked up my Colorado in July of this year. I traded in my former camping rig (F350 Dually Diesel with a 10’5 Lance Truck camper) as well as my then daily driver, an off-road modified Subaru Crosstrek for a platform that would make a great daily driving truck for my 120 mi commute as well as...
  10. The Ocular Engineer

    The F150 Baja 1000 Chase / Overland Build

    This is how it all started. 2007 F150 XLT. I talked myself out of buying a Raptor because this truck was paid for and even after depreciating its value to zero and doing all the upgrades and modifications that planned, I would still be money ahead. At that time the list was relatively modest...
  11. anotherJeep

    "Just Another Jeep!" '16 Grand Cherokee Build

    Hey everyone! Here is my new-to-me 2016 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4, and this thread is where I'll try to post all of the mods I plan on doing. Also - I made an instagram account (@ anotherjeep) which is where I will post about my Jeep and the places I go with it. December 1st, 2017 - Testing...
  12. J

    Where do I start?

    Hey guys, back in August I got a new Jeep Wrangler. Totally stock except some 17 inch wheels and AT tires (17000) miles on it. In the next month or so I'm going to have my first 5 grand or so to put into goodies. I'm planning on using the jeep as a base camp for backpacking trips. Some...
  13. CDN Offroader

    Overland Trailer build

    Well, I found a good deal on a basic overland trailer from a fabrication guy in Calgary, and decided to take the leap. It was his demo model, and as his new generation of trailers is ready for release he was clearing this one out. It is an aluminum body on a metal frame, so it is very light...
  14. OverLand Austy

    Land Cruiser 100...need advice on build

    Hey guys, I just bought a 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 and I have been researching how to build it properly for long road trips throughout Western US, Canada, and Baja Mex. From your experience with your own RIGS...any advice regarding important upgrades (tires, suspension, roof racks, lights...
  15. Chris Pettit

    2001 jeep Cherokee xj overland project

    My xj build thus far. I bought my jeep bone stock two years ago and put a zone 4 1/2 inch lift on. I had a bit of an accident with the rear hatch and quarter and then once I came back to Indiana I had a friend of mine help pull the damage out and then we mounted quarter armor over the damage...
  16. Mountain.Mike

    Mountain.Mike's Ram 1500 Build Thread

    So here it is, my bone stock 2014 Ram 1500 Big Horn 4X4. This rig will have to wear a lot of hats, but I hope to find a balance that allows it to serve as a competent weekend over landing rig. I have a long list of ideas for mods, but I think first up is going to be bilstein 5100s set to 2.1"...
  17. Wawa Skittletits

    ...but it's a Subaru Outback?! Build thread.

    I've been wrenching on things since my father taught me how but in all the vehicles that I've altered I've never started a build thread. I've always been more concerned with getting the installation done and then getting out there to try it out but here it goes.. I purchased my 2015 Outback to...