arctic trucks

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  1. ForumCube

    EU West Europe ICE2017 (Iceland Circumnaviagtion Expedition 2017)

    Circumnavigate Iceland in clockwise direction, using as many Mountain (F) Roads (rather than highways) as possible - camping.
  2. Neil Q Smith

    Who else has an Arctic Trucks Rig?

    I am curious to find out which / how many OB members also has an Arctic Trucks rig. I have a 2006 Silver Metallic AT37 Arctic Trucks conversion of a Toyota HiLux D-4D D-CAB (Seventh Generation). Volume: 2.4L Power: 128 HP (HK) Fuel: Diesel Transmission / Gearbox: Manual 5-Speed Layout...
  3. Neil Q Smith

    Wanted Sponsors for Arctic Trucks AT44 Build Project

    Hei After just completing my latest (second) Arctic Trucks Expedition to Iceland, I have reached the point where I wish to move on, and work on my next "build project". Looking to buy a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, only few years old, low km, good condition, and work on it to make an AT44 (Arctic...
  4. Neil Q Smith

    Iceland Overlanding / Expeditions - Shared Experience

    I have driven a lot around Iceland over the last 15 years, and organised 2 Arctic Trucks Expeditions from Norway to Iceland during summer 2015 ( and summer 2017 ( I have a lot of maps, tracking data, books, info, photos, videos, etc., etc.... from my extensive...
  5. Neil Q Smith

    Arctic Trucks 6X6 Iceland Winter Trip

    During December 2016, spent 5 days in Iceland, driving Arctic Trucks 6X6, owned by Mike Herbert of Dreki Adventures. (see: Excellent experience driving such a powerful and dedicated expedition vehicle. We use drone quadcopters with GoPro, to film a lot of our trips...
  6. Neil Q Smith

    Iceland River Crossings

    We are just about to leave Norway to Iceland, on a 6 weeks Arctic Trucks Expedition (ICE2017). Whilst in Iceland we will be driving mostly Mountain (F) Roads (Dirt / Gravel Tracks) into the interior highlands, which commonly include river crossings, of various degrees of difficulty...
  7. Neil Q Smith

    New Member - Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway

    Hei, just joined OB - Good to be here.... I am a Brit (English) based in Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway. My vehicle is a Toyota Hilux D-4D D-CAB (Seventh Generation) Arctic Trucks (AT37), which I use for driving around Norway, as well as annual expeditions (Iceland, Faroe Islands, etc.). I have a...
  8. Neil Q Smith

    ICE2017 (Iceland Circumnavigation Expedition 2017)

    During summer 2015, we spent 4 weeks travelling around Faroe Islands & Iceland (1 week Faroe Islands, 3 weeks Iceland) - see: Due to its great success, we are returning back to Iceland for 6 weeks this summer, with a more challenging agenda (03 July - 13 August). We have...
  9. Neil Q Smith

    ICE2015 (Iceland Circumnavigation Expedition 2015)

    During summer 2015, we spent 4 weeks travelling around Faroe Islands & Iceland (1 week Faroe Islands, 3 weeks Iceland). We generated a website the year before, publishing blog articles about our preparations and sponsorship success, and later published daily blog updates during the actual...
  10. Neil Q Smith

    Norway Based Scandinavia OB

    Just joined Overland Bound. I am a Brit (English) living in Sandnes, Norway (for 25 years). We have 2 Arctic Trucks (Toyota Hilux AT35 & AT37) which we use to conduct trips & expeditions around Scandinavia. Our prime focus the last few years has been local around Norway, with expedition...
  11. Neil Q Smith

    ICE2017 (Iceland Circumnavigation Expedition 2017)

    Our 2 Arctic Trucks near Hekla Volcano, during our ICE2015 expedition ( Returning back there this summer for 6 weeks adventure (
  12. SColloftheWild

    Hello from North Phoenix!

    This is the same post I made in the Newbie welcome thread, but thought I would start a new one for anyone in my vicinity to chime in or anyone with a Nissan related question they would like to share with me. Hello All, Name is Scott Coll and been around the Overland Community since 2008...
  13. thorstein

    Overland trip this autumn in Norway(Movie)

    So I have made a movie from our last trip in Norway! Hope some of you get inspired and will do some overlanding up here in the north :)