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    OB Approved Members Spotted Thread

    Williamsburg Va. :)
  2. Wolvee

    Aloha From Kauai

    Welcome to the family. My wife and I will be there in August for our 10 year Aniversary. I haven't been there in a long time.
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    With a $1100 budget, what upgrades from stock would you get?

    When I don't have anything planned for the Truck and I have extra Cash, I use it for paying for my Licenses, Camping Fees and sometimes even a Trip slush fund. ..A slush fund because it never fails to have to pay for a broken part either on the Trail or after the trip. And without fail, no...
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    The only people I like to be around is the ones who can be quiet around the camp fire, lol.
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    What is your other car build or project car?

    My other project is a '68 Mustang. Right now though I haven't had time for the car or the Rig. :( I might have to give up on the Mustang for a while. I've even been considering buying a new less needy project.
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    Animal Encounters

    I've came across your average stuff. Bob Cat, Black Bear and moose. They usually just get scared and run off. Well, Moose don't get scared, lol.
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    Light to medium Offroad jack

    I use my Hilift jack around the property more than I use it for my truck but it's there just in case. So far I've only practiced with it, "Dag-gone Ferd just dunt get Stuck." :) I'm not sure of a good alternative for offroad use. I always carried a bottle jack, a 4x4x1 and a 2x8x1 in the...
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    NEW BODY Jeep Cherokee - Any?

    They are pretty. Are they AWD or do they have real 4wd?
  9. Wolvee

    1988 Montero MK1

    That looks fun. It looks like a mini 60's bronco.
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    Hey there from Seattle, WA

    Welcome Home to Overland Bound Forum.
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    Any Hunters Among Us?

    I may partake in the occasional Black bear, Elk, Duck and big pig. :0) Oddly I don't hunt deer. I plan my big Yearly Overlanding trips based around hunting seasons between Michigan, Colorado and here in Virginia. Sometimes I see if I get a Michigan Bear tag in the U.P. or get an Open tag for...
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    Tires, what are you running and why?

    I run General AT2's because they were a good mix of AT and street manners. I wish they were better in the sticky mud but that's not the end of the world, I just have to be smart about how I take an obstacle. I daily drive my Truck so I wanted and got what I expected. I was going to step into...
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    I was but I've let myself go round. I've done the MC marathon once with pretty poor results but I've ran a few ultras. I was always a slow distance runner and keeping a marathon pace was always hard. I made the joke for years that I was a 4Lo runner. Since breaking my legs and back I'm...
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    What's your MPG (fuel economy) on the road.

    With 4.56 and 35's I get around 15mpg. I can hit 16.9 on long Hwy trips under 70. I have 4.88's waiting to go in and I predict better city mpg but worse hwy. Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk
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    2011 ford raptor build

    Very nice! Sent from my iPhone using OB Talk