Home podcast Podcast S2 EP01 – I’ve Never Seen That Before
Podcast S2 EP01 – I’ve Never Seen That Before

Podcast S2 EP01 – I’ve Never Seen That Before


I’ve Never Seen That Before

So uh, ya. One time we were driving through the Mojave Desert and our radiator completely blew up. It was a thing. Here’s what happened, what we did, and and what happened after that. We include audio of the explosive event.


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  1. Cool stuff . Lisa and I are alittle different. All the gear is always ready, The bins are organized. We have the gear ready all the time. We do have to plan gas and food and mapping routes but thats about it. For weekend trips we can and will once and a while just jump in the truck at  5 on a Friday hit the store and take off. Our bags are always loaded with our camping cloths so there is no packing.

    I over maintenance  the truck. I regularly maintenance the truck and replace things before they even show signs of wear.

  2. You mentioned that it is difficult to get “another” thing done. I am wondering if it might help to allow members to provide pre-recorded episodes discussing things like trip planning to their favorite areas or perhaps trip reports. Someone would of course have to filter the recordings but I think with a following like Overland Bound has you could get some good podcast content from other regions. Just a thought. – Matt L.