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  • Hey Nick - thank you again for the welding assistance Friday on the Mohave Road. You saved the whole trip for me. I had a couple beers in my pocket at the raffle but couldn't find you when it broke up, plus two beers does not get close enough to express my thanks. Now that this covid stuff is subsiding a will joint a tai-valley meetup soon. I just may have a Northridge 4x4 gift card with me. :)
    Hey Mademan925 Ive been a fan of your rig for a long time and have always wanted to do a long travel kit to my truck. I have finally done the LT kit but was wondering how much of a back spacing on the rims do you need to fit 12.5" x 35" tires? Also do u roughly know how much trimming u had to do to the fender and wheel well?

    Mentally im ready for off the grid but In actuality I need to go the grocery store and hookup the trailer 1st. Plus work 2 days.
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