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Overland Trip: Bald Mountain Part 1

Follow Overland Bound up to Bald Mountain through the Central Valley, Rock-crawling to the campsite at night, and heading up to the lookout the next day which offers one of the farthest views in the Sierras. In this episode we travel to the Bald Mountain Trail and climb over rocks to our campsite at night. In the next episode, the day adventure to the lookout and the last patch of snow!


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  1. That was your best video yet, very cool and it takes some nerve to attack an unknown trail at night, especially with the family cutting on you ! Very cool, Hopefully I can get some serious work done on my 04 Discovery. I wanted to ask you what camera you recommend for a beginner ? I’m a little older than you and I’m not into the video yet,I’m just learning how to use my smart phone. Lol I’ve been doing some trail riding but like you, I do not want to trash my rig. I’m more of a camper then serious rock crawler, twisted metal doesn’t do a thing for me. Plus once you bend it,it’s never the same.. Anyway I really like your family way of going, don’t see much of that at all. We have a little girl and some things I can’t even watch with her around. Also I won’t watch it.
    Anyway looking for part 2
    Take care
    Paul from Va.

  2. Nice video! Is this up in Madera County? It’s been way to long since our last trip. With the weather turning to oven-like temperatures out here in the desert soon it’s time to start traveling north! Thanks for the mention in the video. We have debated putting DVD players in the Cruiser (we have one in my car)but knowing my 2 girls we would be passing through a gorgeous area with amazing views and their eyes would be glued to the screen! Looking forward to Part 2!