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Overland Boot Camp Series!

Overland Boot Camp Series!


One of the Founding Principles of Overland Bound is to share information freely! That is one of the reasons our Forums have no ads – EVER! We want to provide all of the information needed to help as many people as possible outfit and explore, safely!

Our members are committed to helping new and experienced overlanders alike, on every topic. Engage in our forums to ask specific questions. Overlanding isn’t elitist, and it doesn’t matter what you drive! We are here to help.

Our Boot Camp series is continually growing and we hope you find the information useful as you seek your path to adventure!


Overland Boot Camp Series

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Written by Graeme Bell Photos by Luisa Bell Your grandfather probably used to travel overland. He had a pick-up truck, a military surplus tent, table, chair and water bottles, a pile of wood and a few six packs. He threw your mom or dad in the passenger seat, a good dog, a few fishing rods […]