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Not a good day for Dodge

Not a good day for Dodge


Not a good day for Dodge! Ugh! This happened up in my old stompin grounds. I grew up in Humboldt County. Not good, but I would have loved to be there to watch. 😀

Original post was found at the Passport Community forums (link below). Offroad Passport Community Forum by dzJeepChic

Wow, just found this interesting link. I feel bad for the people behind this mess because they definitely stirred up a hornet’s nest. It’ll be interesting to see if more comes of this…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

A Dodge commercial being shot at Luffenholtz Beach today near Moonstone Beach in northern Humboldt Co. [CA] resulted in a new truck being nearly submerged. Local resident Brian Parrott, sent in the photo above as well as the two next below.