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No Dogs Allowed

No Dogs Allowed


Maybe you gathered that I like to go camping. Oh, and hiking, biking, picnicking, hanging out with mans best friend, and I like to talk about it. What better place than the great outdoors?

Now, normally I go off the beaten trail. The lands beyond beyond, or at least a 4 hour drive from home anyway. Recently however, I had the opportunity to hit the trails a Nlittle closer to home. There was beauty, there were trees, there was dirt. Oh – not dirt you were allowed to walk on. Simply “No dogs allowed” would be a free-for-all compared to the “outdoors” I had fortune to visit. In fact, when I got there I had to fight for a parking space, and when I say fight, I mean circle for 45 minutes. No, I didn’t go to a patch of grass in Union Square, this was a National Park.

This is how your dog should look going to a National Park right? Oh ya! We’re gonna get some squirrel!


Um, no. Sorry Fido. No dogs allowed.


Oh, but we’re not picking on you. We have a whole host of “Nos” you might find surprising in “the great outdoors”.


In fact, we really don’t want you venturing into the woods. If you could just stay on this boardwalk that would be greeeeeat.


…and ya, all that talking you are doing? Not so much. If you could just keep it down a bit. Thanks.


No wishing please.


Use these things at your own risk. You’ve been warned.


Eating – are you crazy? There won’t be any eating round here. What do you think this is?


..and last but not least, no hiking!


I think this is taking things too far. There I said it. I was reminded how lucky I am to be able to go away from it all, and can’t wait for the next adventure (maybe I’ll even bring a dog).