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How to Cook a Steak Over a Fire

How to Cook a Steak Over a Fire


Ok, on any given adventure, by day 3 you are ready for a good hunk of meat. You have options right? I mean, make sure you bring your slingshot to put down grouse or quail. A fishing rod for trout or salmon, a rifle for deer, or a club for alligator. I usually bring these things along, but just in case i’m unsuccessful, i’ll keep a BIG cut of meat in the cooler.

Now, you could grill it on a pan, or BBQ, but a much cleaner way to do it is over an open flame like the cavemen used to do. Once you get the hang of it, might just become your favorite way of cooking beef, and you get +12 Outback Pro points.

1. You need to find the right stick.

Cut a little notch in the end. You’d hate to drop that great piece of meat into the firepit. Its hard to get the coals off.

2. Use a “Y” stake to prop up your steak stick

Make sure it is stable and properly counter-balanced.

3. Now build a good fire and let it burn down a bit. You want flame, but mostly you want heat. More coals = more heat.

Now the trick is to turn this bad boy over just once for even cooking. Turn it top to bottom. The flame should just be licking the meat. Don’t burn it. I did about 10 minutes a side, but that will very depending on the heat of the fire. Poke at it to help determine done-ness.

4. Enjoy!

Cooked to perfection!