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  1. M


    Selling my 2017 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Premium with KDSS. I am the second owner and have taken excellent care of the vehicle. I had plans to build into overland vehicle but am shifting priorities. Clean title in hand. 44k miles. Asking $42,000. Standard features: - Kinetic Dynamic Suspension...
  2. O

    SDHQ Dual Battery Kit for Tundra & ARB compressor mount

    If you are looking to run dual batteries on your Tundra this is the one and only kit you need. This is the only kit on the market that fits the big boy group 34 or 34R batteries. PERFECT for overlanding or camping. You will never be left stranded! One battery will always maintain a charge to...
  3. AdventureWithDanan

    US Southeast 2016 Toyota Tundra - Crewmax, 4x4

    I planned to NEVER sell my Tundra, but my forthcoming human baby takes precedence over my mechanical baby… I bought this truck new off the lot and I’ve been building this it as overland vehicle that doesn’t sacrifice road comfort and ability to tow. I started adding to it as soon as i...
  4. jesseazarva

    Southern California Snow Wheeling ( El Paso Mountains)

    We are back in the snow! New Years weekend takes us out into a snowy winter wonderland once again. Come along as we put the tow rig to the test as we hit some slushy 4x4 trails. Out in the California desert once again, to do some offroading in the snow and mud. California RV travel in snowy...
  5. T

    FOR SALE FS Toyota Tundra Bilstein 6112 and 5160

    0-2.5'' lift, best way to level it Never abused, good condition, less than 10000km Located in Toronto
  6. grimaldoronaldo

    Tundra Build

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should start for my build? It’s my daily driver as well.
  7. rsweet

    33" vs 35" Toyota Tundra

    Getting Icon Stage 6 suspension and Icon rims. Originally I was going to go with 33" BFG KO2's but after so much reading seems the consensus is 35" are the way to go. Any thoughts? This is for a Toyota SR5 4x4 TRD crew cab (6.5' bed). Thanks.
  8. Manny_est

    Toyota 120 Easter Mojave Trip - 2019

    Just wanted to share pictures and videos from the Toyota 120, 14th Annual Easter Mojave Road Trip. Our 15 Taco stretching her legs out. Mo's FJC Robert's (#1) 03 4Runner. (More dirt miles than pavement miles according to him) Janser Sr's 19 Taco Janser Jr's 10 Tundra. Stock...

    New guy from Mass - help me find some trails :)

    Hey everyone, I picked up my 2011 crewmax rock warrior tundra back in November and I've had a blast finally exploring the local trails around western MA. I'm in the process of getting to a point where I'd be comfortable on intermediate trails without damaging the truck. I have Lower control arm...
  10. Joseph Gaitan

    US West Meet and Greet in Temecula/Murrieta CA

    Who would like a meet and greet in the city of Temecula or Murrieta, CA? Leave a message below and we can select a location, time and date to meet on a weekend. Or you can DM as well. I haven't seen one yet, but if there is one please let me know about it! :)
  11. TRD_RTC

    2007 Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD Off-Road Build!!!!!

    Hello, Welcome to my build thread for my Tundra. I will be updating this often so please if their is any questions feel free to ask and remember to get out there!!! Day1:
  12. SCtundra

    Tundra help

    Hey guys and gals im looking to take my camper shell off and and a rack system that i can put a roof top tent on like you see a lot on tacos but cant seem to find one for a tundra if anyone has any links or places to email or call that would be great thank you
  13. carn_dogg


    Good day everyone. First post here on this site but long time creeper, nothing weird. I bought a 13 Tundra Cewmax last year and started to modify it with what I like...and what would be practical. Put on some King coilovers, 35x12.5 bfg ko2's, some additional lighting, and that's about it. I...
  14. Overland_Mike

    Power Distribution and Firewall Passthru

    Trying keep up with the other cool overland tundras, I started on my build. First up is getting the power sorted. I plan on tackling the dual underhood batteries next as I think I can cram a pair of dual group 35's under there. Anyhow, I'm not done on the power side but thought you guys might...
  15. ChrispyChris

    Favorite truck bed setups with no topper?

    Hi, I was wondering what everyone's favorite setups are like for an open truck bed. Whether you have an RTT, bed rack, or whatever, I'd like to know your thoughts/preferences. I'm thinking of doing a crossbar kind of system to mount two Plano boxes to with a nice big kitchen box on the Tundra.
  16. CatButt


  17. Mitchymoo

    Tundra Bumpers

    Hey All, Looking for a front bumper for the Tundra - Not lots out there, what do you like? what works and doesn't work? Thanks
  18. Bonjurns

    TUNDRA OWNERS: C4 Fabrication needs a '14+ Tundra for bumper fitment.

    Long story short: I really like the look and general build quality of the C4 Fab stuff, particularly their lo-pro winch bumpers they have for both the 4 runner and Taco. I've got a Tundra, and emailed them to ask if they would build a Tundra version- they said they'd like to, but they need a...
  19. Ibjayb

    2004 Tundra Dbl Cab Build

    I have to say this is all new to me but I'm pretty stoked to start outfitting the rig. The Story: I've actually had the Tundra (Big Blue) dubbed by the kids, since 2009. It's chalked up 157k miles on it with only a bad starter. We've used it as the family camping , mountain bike rig for years...
  20. Spolar

    SOLD SOLD Icon dynamics six speed wheels for Toyota Tundra in SoCal

    17" Icon wheels for 2007+ Toyota Tundras, or rigs with a 5x150 bolt pattern, in gun metal gray. The 25mm offset and 5.75 backspacing was designed to clear 315/70r17 tires without having to do a body mount chop or bumper cutting on the Tundra. These wheels are in perfect condition 10/10, only on...