trailer build

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  1. Phillysteak

    M1102 Trailer Build

    Living in Arizona one of my hobbies is getting out into the wild to take photos, primarily astrophotography (Can't share those photos on the forums as the files are too big). There are plenty of locations I've only ever traveled to in the dark, the first several times I went to the Grand Canyon...
  2. Phillysteak

    Modular Propane Tank Mounts

    Working on a M1102 trailer build and trying to figure out a good way to mount propane tanks. Modeled these after the Power Tank brand style mounts. Planning to cut the flat pattern on my CNC plasma with a few stitch welds once everything is bent. Tracking down some T-bolt clamps the right size...
  3. CHAURY08

    Newbie Trailer build. AT-ST

    I'm starting my first trailer build. Trailer named AT-ST to go with my AT-AT(2017 OR Tacoma) I'm still new to Overlanding and somewhat new to forums. More or less creep then actually post. A buddy of mine started this build but ended up going to an RV so I ended up getting it for a great...
  4. Martin Webb

    Hello From London, United Kingdom

    Just wanted to say Hi to you all, been watching the Youtube channel for the last year or so, so thought it would be good to sign up and see all the group has to offer. Im from London and live on the Boarder of Greater London and Kent. I have a 2008 Nissan Navara (Frontier) and I'm currently...
  5. GTFO

    New From Los Angeles

    Hey y'all! I'm happy to finally be here. My current rigs are a 1988 Toyota Pickup, an AT Overland Chaser trailer, and my latest project was an '02 Subaru Forester that I just wanted to play with. I've been an RV systems mechanic for a while, and am finally getting around to making the leap into...
  6. ShyTRex

    Solar Setup

    Hi Folks, Looking for advice and direction.. I've been watching a silly amount of youtube videos and reading a crap load of sites on building a solar generator. I think i've got the basic components down but I don't really have much knowledge on what I NEED persay.. What I know.. I'll have 4x...
  7. M

    Dinoot Trailer Builders

    Hi folks! Seems like there's a few Dinoot builders on the forum, but I didn't see a thread for general Dinoot topics, so I thought I'd start one. The Tventuring forums at seem to be down again. First question: Does anyone have a build parts weight list they'd be willing to share...
  8. C

    4x6 enclosed trailer

    I've been looking at building or buying an overland trailer. I've been really interested in the jackwagon, CVT, schutts And others. My problem is being 6'3 the very low tables that some do come with would be hard to utilize due to my height. I've been considering getting a 4x6 enclosed trailer...
  9. VCeXpedition

    Next phase: Expedition Trailer

    So I have been looking for quite a while at getting a trailer to move into a different phase of overlanding, and as I have done so, my priorities evolved quite a bit. I had a very broad search criteria, everything from a ruggedized tent trailer like the Jayco Baja... a homebuilt...