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  1. cgranier

    US Southeast Southeast Overland & Off-Road Expo

    Anyone heading to the 2022 Southeast Overland & Off-Road Expo? Let's get together and swap overlanding stories. I intend to be there on Friday, March 4th and camp until Sunday. View Rally Point
  2. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Southern Utah Monthy Meetup

    We'll be going to Toquerville falls. The route is 5 miles each direction and you will want to air down. We will meet just past the water tank up the trail and air down there before going down the trail. Bring a sandwich or your own food if you want to eat when we get to the falls. PLEASE...
  3. Arod1243

    WI/MN boarder Trails?

    Hey all! I am new to overlanding and just picked up a 97 jeep TJ. Got a lift and tires on it already so crunching at the bit to get out there. Anyone familiar with any beginner/intermediate trails near western WI eastern MN? I am near the Eau Claire area of WI so fairly close to MN. Any...
  4. Nickzero

    Colorado Trails?

    What's up community. My name is Nikko and I drive a black 2017 JKU. I hear CO has some pretty cool 4x4 trails to venture through and was looking to get some expert suggestions on where these locations are. I will be moving up to Westminster CO next month from central FL and would greatly...
  5. projectwildrunner

    Bay Area/Sierra recommendations for a mild first trip

    Hey all, I want to take the wife out on a little overnight in our new 2019 4runner. Nothing rigorous at all, we aren't fully equipped yet. What we do have is your essential overnight camping gear, extra water, comms, gas, etc. My thought was get a roll up pad for the interior and lay the seats...
  6. Corey Webb

    Bourbon Trail

    Good Afternoon All, I have a few questions to the guys in Tennessee and Kentucky... Who is familiar with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Are there any Adjacent off road trails? What campsite would you recommend? or should i just take pavement, and just go have fun at a nearby OHV Park? Which OHV...
  7. A

    Easy Fall Colors Trail In Southern California

    My wife just gave birth to our first child two weeks ago, and now that she's recovered slightly, I want to take her and the newborn (baby mostly because it has to tag along) to see the fall colors before they are gone. Since she still has quite a bit of recovery, I don't want to take her on...
  8. D

    Share your gpx files! Gaia or other...

    Hello all, Thought it would be nice to have a place to share GPX files from Gaia or other means. Places you camped, trails you took, picnic spots, view spots, etc. Please post in following format: *required field *Trail: *Date Traveled: *Location: *Trail Travel Time: *Length: *Difficulty...
  9. D

    How to Post Public Gaia Routes?

    Hello, Is there a good way to post/share Gaia routes to forums or websites such as on Overland Bound facebook page or rally points? Thanks
  10. ovrlndr

    Is there a trail that you wouldn't run again?

    Whether because of terrain, lack of views, lack of interesting features, bad experiences, or whatever, is there a trail you wouldn't run again?
  11. RichieFromBoston


    Ive been an OB member a long time, and theres almost never anything related to overland bound on the east coast. West coast seems to be overflowing with meetups trail rides etc. But when I and others signed up and paid our dues, ya have to think there would be some benefits. Ill organize if...
  12. NW Adventure & Overland

    What kind of camp desserts/treats do you make while camping?

    Many of us have kids that come along on our trips and we like to make something special for them to enjoy around the camp fire. We stumbled across a neat simple treat, that we like to call Smore-Eo's. It's simple take your favorite Smore and add a marshmallow to the center and BOOM a new quick...
  13. Kyle & Kari Frink

    US West San Diego Overland Bound Trail Runs

    This thread was created so as to not interfere/confuse anyone in regards to our Monthly San Diego OB Meetup, for that Forum the link is posted below. Keep in mind that this is a...
  14. HEYElliott

    What can we do better for trails?

    Where I am there arent a ton of trails so I want to try and do whatever I can to maintain the ones we do have and hopefully encourage more to open. Other than responsible use and cleaning up after ourselves what else can we do?
  15. OverlandChevy

    Favorite camping and easy off road trails.

    Hey there OB, Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for walk in, no reservation, or easy off road trails with camping in California. I have little to no experience off roading an am driving a stock 2017 4x4 Chevy Colorado.
  16. Hank Outdoors

    Syracuse, NY to Stowe, Vermont trail search.

    I'm headed to Stowe, Vermont at the end of May and I am looking for some cool class 4 roads/trails to explore in VT. I'm going to pick up a Delorme map, but I am looking for any recommendations of "Must Try" roads/spots on the way there. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance!
  17. HEYElliott

    Trail cleanup event.

    Hi Folks, since its the start of the offroad season I wanted to propose the idea of a trail run/ cleanup. Does anyone have any suggestions for a location that they think is in need of some TLC? Once we decide on a place I can make a rally point for the clean up and see about some guardian coins...
  18. NW Adventure & Overland

    Tires, what do you use on the trail?

    We are looking to get new tires for our rig and are looking at the BFG KO2's. What do you run and why?
  19. Overland USA

    2017 F150 Build suggestions?

    2017 F150 Build suggestions? I'm planning to tackle the Trans America Trail May of 2018. Was wondering if any of you had ever modded a F150 or similar vehicle for Overlanding and what are your suggestions? All advice is appreciated.
  20. D

    Trail Communication

    Hello, When your on the trail how do you communicate with each other? Do you use radios (I.e. CB, HAM, Other) or hand signals, vehicle signals, or another form? Do different groups have different methods?