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  1. Ubiety

    Good recovery rigging video

  2. trail_runn4r

    Essential/useful winch accessories

    Hello, I would like to take advantage of current BF sales to buy some new accessories for a winch. At the moment I only have some D-shackles. I'm looking for recommendations of what else I should have in my recovery kit, especially something I could use when doing self-recovery. Thanks!
  3. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Amazing training opportunity, great people, lots of fun and camping!

    Expedition Utah is hosting the annual Overland Skills Camp. There will be some extensive off-road driving training, spotting, instruction on driving in different terrains, coverage of several different recovery techniques along with training on different recovery tools. View Rally Point
  4. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest Conference Call - Let's talk Recovery

    Let's talk Recovery Basics. Call in for audio, but logging in can have it's advantages. You never know what I might be sharing from my computer. Dial-in number (US): (605) 472-5383 Access code: 586895# International dial-in numbers: Online meeting ID...
  5. 2G4R

    Recovery request

    In need of recovery help:( if anyone is around coyote loop near big pine and can assist in a vehicle recovery, or know of any other option to seek out. I rolled my 1995 4Runner down a hill, just getting into the trail, the first main obstacles. 37.176311,-118.418632. Vehicle is sitting on...
  6. M

    Help on my 2009 Silverado 5.3L build (and others' 2007-2013 silverado/sierra builds)

    Hello all! I recently bought a new (to me) 2009 Silverado 5.3L. I'm looking to make it an overland build. I previously had an old 4runner that I loved, but sold it to a friend who was in need of an adventuring rig and bought this thing to to also help with other parts of my life. I know that i...
  7. RichieFromBoston

    Ever used a PLASMA LOCK to hold winch rope onto the drum?

    Me either, Until I bought a #redwinch explorer II. So here it is.
  8. Nickzero

    Any experience with 'Dead Man Off-Road' Earth Anchor?

    If you re living in a place where sand and dirt primary occupies more terrain than hills and rocky mountains then you should look into this piece of recovery gear. This works in all terrain environments however trapped on a beach or in the dunes alone could cost you more than a cold night. Sup...
  9. Boort

    Shackles - Drings or Soft? What is good and What is dangerous?

    Hi all, Started looking for some D-rings or Shackles this week and not sure what to look for. None of the shops around here have much of anything in stock to actually look at and with the county wide power outage yesterday not much open to browse on my day off anyways. What are the Pros/Cons...
  10. Nomadik Nova

    Come-a-long for 4Runner?

    Looking for opinions on the use of a comealong with my '16 T4R Trail until I decide which bumper & winch combo I want. I know comealongs are not rated for overhead lifting, but is it possible to use it as a manual/hand-operated winch out on the trail? I don't plan on any serious...
  11. T

    You're stuck. What now?

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie here and like all of them starting with a stupid question that was answered probably a 1000 of times. Since I don't have a significant experience the chances are will get stuck in the middle of nowhere. What type of plan do you have for yourself if self-recovery...
  12. Kyle & Kari Frink

    OB Approved Preparedness & Self Recovery Familiarization

    PREPAREDNESS We all at one point or another make the decision to head out and EXPLORE ON OUR OWN. Which is okay, however you still need to be LEGITIMATELY PREPARED. You should have set in place a "notice" of sorts to your whereabouts, and when you expect to be back. So that if something actually...
  13. HIGH Maintenance

    First Basic mods or equipment...

    As more and more newcomers have begun to enjoy Overlanding, I have begun to see the question arise more frequently on what first basic mod or equipment they should get. This is a difficult question to answer as the answer is heavily based on the type of Overlanding they wish to do and the type...
  14. Herms

    Land Rover Discovery 2 Recovery Points

    Hi Guys I want to make some decent recovery points for my Disco 2. Is there any one out there that has already done it and can share some pictures perhaps? Also if you could help me with suggestions on material thickness and bolts sizes necessary for proper recovery points. Thank you!
  15. Boort

    Recovery points for 4th Gen 4runner?

    Hello all, I've been told that the loops on the front of my truck are for tie-downs not recovery. I don't want to replace the Bumper at this time just add a mount that I can use to get my truck out of trouble if I get stuck. Does anyone know where I can get a rated Recovery point for a 2006...
  16. Bandit

    Post your best "I am really stuck" photos here!

    Ok, so you like to go off the pavement but of course you NEVER get stuck right? lol :tearsofjoy: I think we have all gotten in a bit too deep before. So post your best photo of your rig when the recovery gear had to come out. See one of my recent ones below...
  17. Jacob LaTour

    Maxtrax or DeLorme?

    I have a little money to throw at the truck. Was thinking a set of Maxtrax. Recently ive been reading about navigation tools, im thinking about giving a DeLorme or something similar a try. Currently I just save offline google maps. Just downloaded Gaia, haven't tried it yet.. Wondering what you...
  18. D

    Badland Winch Review & Testing

    Harbor Freight sponsored the Jeep with a 12,000 lbs Badland ZXRWinch to do product testing on in an Overland environment to see how it holds up. I received the winch yesterday and installed it on a 2017 Jeep JKU with the Rugged Ridge XHD Modular Front Bumper. The installation is very straight...
  19. 4xFar Adventures

    Recovery 101: Overlanding Survival Skills - 02/10/2018

    **This is an Overland Bound sanctioned event** Do you have a capable 4x4, but aren't sure what to do if you get stuck? Maybe you have some recovery gear (or are thinking about purchasing gear) and want to learn how to safely use it. Then this class is for you! Details below. ADVANCE...