Land Rover Discovery 2 Recovery Points

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Hi Guys

I want to make some decent recovery points for my Disco 2.
Is there any one out there that has already done it and can share some pictures perhaps?
Also if you could help me with suggestions on material thickness and bolts sizes necessary for proper
recovery points.

Thank you!


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For mine in front I use the "tactical rovers" bumper's tabs (pair of shackles hanging off in red) that tie into the frame rails. But you could use those same 2 big horizontal bolts for the bumper to tap into for building your own hooks:

In the rear, to get me by until I build my rear bumper / tire swing out setup, I went with an adapter that fits a hitch I installed to the rear frame rails & accepts a shackle with the same red shackle see below:

If you don't wanna build a whole bumper setup then there's no reason you couldn't tie into the rear bumper's bolts for tabs just like up front.

All 3 have taken some big tugs & pulled more than a few vehicles from sticky situations. I'd be confident in both locations safely running a winch off too.
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Jeff Blake

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I have almost the same setup as Tinker - just different bumpers.

I have a greg davis bumper on the rear, which doesn't use those two 'brackets' for the tow hitch, so I've been thinking about bolting on recovery tabs there. Nice to have recovery points lower, and on both sides for using a bridle or going at an angle