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  1. BigMF

    LEXpedition Overland Build Thread

    Hello all, Just starting out with my 2011 LX570. I'm hoping to build a rig that will take me (and my wife and/or kids occasionally) on some great adventures. I will not be building a rock crawler or mudder. Simply something that is reliable and will get to those places that are off the beaten...
  2. xplore.offroad

    New Member : GX470 in Fresno, CA

    Heard about Overland Bound at this years Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ and wanted to join the community. 2003 Lexus GX470 Located in Fresno, CA Novice in Overlanding / Intermediate in off-roading
  3. OverlandLexusAL

    Looking for knowledge from previous Lexus GX470 owners or builds.

    I'm new to Overland Bound (see my post in new member forum). I hope the mods will forgive if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I know there are a few Lexus GX and maybe Prado owners out there lurking around however I didn't find much in the search function. I'm working with a bone stock...
  4. OverlandLexusAL

    Newb from Nashville, TN

    Hello everyone! I've been into camping and off roading here and there throughout my life but my primary passion was being on the water and sailing (cruising sailing specifically) . Some of you may know that the central focus of cruising sailors is traveling the world by sailboat. I realized...
  5. FrankR

    SOLD 1997 LX450

    A friend of mine is selling his LX450, thought I would share with you guys. It is a built rig ready to go. Pricey, but it is all done up! The link below has his list of MODS. 1997 Lexus LX450 Black, Supercharged, Lifted, Low Miles Lodi, CA Contact is...