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  1. I

    2014 F150 XLT--let me know what you think.

    My daily driver as well. I have grand plans for the future, but currently in between careers so can't afford a whole bunch right now. A lot of DIY.
  2. T

    Diamond Back and Front Runner Not easy to install

    We recently bought the diamondback tonneau cover with the Front Rummer Slimline rack system from Diamondback. The cover is very nice and pretty straight forward to install. Getting the rack install onto the cover was a nightmare. Having to drill holes into a $2100 cover was nerve racking, and...
  3. OutdoorTxs

    New Member from Texas

    Hello Everyone! New member here from Texas. Just getting started in overlanding, but have enjoyed the camping and the outdoors since I was a kid. Just got an '05 F150 FX4 that Ill be building out to pull my Bushwacker Teardrop trailer. Mods so far are just a set of 17" DX4 Rebel wheels w/ 33"...
  4. CURRIN1776

    2011 F150 FX4 Build is Now Underway

    Hello Everyone, New Member and looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm in Southeast GA about an hour North of Savannah. Well versed in Survival, Prepping, Camping, etc. Lots of Offroad adventures growing up and time spent in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and practicing survival...
  5. Sailredemption

    Custom Roof Rack/Basket

    Hello all, I have a roof rack that I had custom built for our 2011 F150 Screw ARE cap with the stock Yakima rails. It is built out of 3/4" sch 80 aluminum pipe with a epoxy primer and and urethane bedliner type black paint. Rack is less than two years old. Looking to switch to a roof rack bar...
  6. Gregory Youngblood

    RFC/R : Choosing pickup camper shell for F150 short bed (5.5')

    Greetings. Well, I've changed vehicles, the Explorer is off to find a new home. I now have a new blank slate, a 2018 F150 Supercrew with the 5.5' bed. I'm looking for comments/recommendations on shells from those that have already gone through this. I've looked at rack setups for the back...
  7. AlexAtWagan

    F150 new build lift recommendations?

    Hey everyone, my buddy has an F150 he wants to start his lift build-out. I'm a Toyota guy, so I'm not really familiar with his options. Can you help? Thanks! Here's the rundown:
  8. AdventurousWay

    F-150 vs F-250 (or F-350) off-road capability

    Hi everyone! This isn't a build thread but I couldn't see a more logical place to put this and I would value this group's input. Today we have a 2016 Ford F-150 Platinum SuperCrew 4x4 with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 and a 6.5ft bed. My partner and I have been full-time RVers traveling around the US...
  9. ovrit

    2017 f150 canopy, topper. Help!

    looking to put a aluminum canopy/topper on the truck. The generic ones on the market are not quite what I want. I have found fab shops in the east and north.[+freight gets expensive] Like to buy local so I can have input and see what I am purchasing. So does any body know of a fab shop in...
  10. Wadz

    Overland Adventure Wrap

    Officially lost my mind but loving it! Hope you guys enjoy. Happy Adventures Wadz
  11. Whiteout

    Overlanding Tire and Wheel size

    HI all! This is my first thread. So I hope I put in the right section. I'm looking to put some new rubber on 2016 F150. The truck came with 275/65R18 (32.1 x 10.8 with a 7" sidewall). I was thinking about going with a 20" wheel (really like the Fuel Contras) and 296/60R20 tire (34 x 11.6...
  12. Gmanf150

    F-150 Craigslist Build (up date)

    Hello All, here is the Up-Date on Operation F-150 Craigslist Build I now am running a set of Moto Metal 18's with Master Crafts that are a great off road tire and not bad on road. I also now have a topper / cap that I also got off of CL for 250 with a wooden storage box for in the bed of the...
  13. Nathaniel Elliott

    Assateague Island OSV

    Just returned from a trip to Assateague Island where we were there for a few days with our two kids and a friend with her three kids. A bit cold but honestly I love getting out there. Would anyone be up for a meetup on the beach at some point for fishing, fires, and food?
  14. Raul B

    FOR SALE CVT Tent, Rear Bumper and More....

    Hey guys I forgot to post this on here but I'm parting out some of the gear off my truck. Here is a list with pictures to follow CVT Mt Rainier Extended summit series tent with matching awning (over 3k new) $1900.00. Tent has two small issues that a lil thread and needle could fix. Sold...
  15. Schmitty

    Schmitty's 2006 Ford F150 FX4 Build

    Introduction Flashback to 2011, I was still driving the same rig I'd had since high school, a 1997 Ford Explorer Limited, Seafoam Green (barf). Coincidentally, this was my first "overland" vehicle, as I'd road tripped through the Pacific Northwest the previous year, exploring my new home...
  16. Gmanf150

    F-150 Craigslist Build

    Hello All, I am new to the group and getting very interested in Overlanding / OffRoad camping. I am calling this F-150 Craigslist build because I found the truck on CL, and many of the build pieces are also from CL. A couple of things have come from regular shops and Ebay. The truck is a 2013...
  17. Hank Outdoors

    2006 F150 Tire Size Question...

    I want to put larger tires on my 06 F150. What would be the largest size (with minimal cutting) that I could squeeze in the wheel wells? Thanks in advance!
  18. The Ocular Engineer

    The F150 Baja 1000 Chase / Overland Build

    This is how it all started. 2007 F150 XLT. I talked myself out of buying a Raptor because this truck was paid for and even after depreciating its value to zero and doing all the upgrades and modifications that planned, I would still be money ahead. At that time the list was relatively modest...
  19. Overland USA

    2017 F150 Build suggestions?

    2017 F150 Build suggestions? I'm planning to tackle the Trans America Trail May of 2018. Was wondering if any of you had ever modded a F150 or similar vehicle for Overlanding and what are your suggestions? All advice is appreciated.
  20. Overland USA

    2000 TJ vs F150?

    I bought the 2000 TJ with the intention of Overlanding with it but since it's been in the shop for upgrades I've been using my 2017 F150. I was wondering if anyone else has been using a full sized pickup and what you've done to outfit it to overland?